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Monday Special Blend
Monday July 16th, 2018 with Trish Bolechowsky and Joel Elliot
A chat with David Campbell, Children of Indigo new EP, T R A I L S. Mark J. Nyvlt in the studio after 7:30 with his new album, Open Shutters, Release at the Black Sheep July 20th. Plus music from Mama's Broke, ENiiD, Brea Lawrenson, Susan O & Chris Zimmer

Theme Song for The Brew on CKCU
Maxim Banjoman Cossette - s/t Canadian
Hey You
Chris Zimmerman & The Weather - s/t Canadian New

Produced by Chris Zimmerman & Eric Eggleston
Children of Indigo - T R A I L S Canadian New
A chat by phone with David Campbell from Children of Indigo at 7:15
EP release concert was on Friday July 13th at Vimy Brewing Company in Ottawa

Band Members
Mitchell Jackson
Natasha Pedersen
David Campbell
When I Found Her
Children of Indigo - T R A I L S Canadian New
Children of Indigo - T R A I L S Canadian New
Open Shutters
Mark J. Nyvlt - Open Shutters Canadian New
Splash of Sun
Mark J. Nyvlt - Open Shutters Canadian New
Mark Nyvlt joins us in the studio after 7:30 am with his brand new album, “Open Shutters”
The album release party is at the Black Sheep on Friday, July 20th
with Kristine Saint-Pierre opening

Show starts at 8:30 but get there earlier for seats
The Mark J Nyvlt Band: Zeek Gross, Alvaro De Minaya, Ken Kanwisher. Special guests: Gabriel Geisterfer Nyvlt, Lucille Bazinet, Andrew Mah.
$8 in advance
CDs will be available for $10
Into The Deep
Mark J. Nyvlt - Open Shutters Canadian New
Saving Face
Mark J. Nyvlt - Open Shutters Canadian New
Count the Wicked
Mama's Broke - Count the Wicked Canadian
Bluegrass Mondays w/ Mama’s Broke and Aiken & Beggs
July 16 @ 7:30 pm - 10:30 pm, $10


Take a look at the shows coming up at Neat in Burnstown

Benefit for Carol Goodman
Saturday, July 21at 8:30, $15

An evening of song in support of a well-loved Wakefield musician!
Greg Paul Stone, Claire Bestland, Dawn Pritchard, Jaime Ferguson, Phil Jenkins, John McAlpine, Lee Bowie, Isabel Diaz Irias, Matt Selic, Brant Luciuk, Devorah Sugarman
Case of You (cover)
ENiiD (Goodman) - s/t Canadian New
Girls to the Front, Monday, July 16th, 8 pm
Irene's Pub, 885 Bank St., Ottawa
by donation
Julie Corrigan hosts with guests Brew Lawrenson and Susan O, playing in the round
With You Whiskey
Brea Lawrenson - #Brealieve Canadian

She has a new album on pre-order, Demons
All Right
Susan O - 20 years Canadian
Interactive CKCU