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Monday Special Blend
Monday July 9th, 2018 with Trish Bolechowsky and Joel Elliot
Terry O'Brien of Tribe Royal joins us in the studio with their 2 new singles, after 8 am we chat with Raina Sokolov-Gonzalez, a singer/composer based in Brooklyn, NY, playing at Pressed on July 14th

Theme song for The Brew
Maxim Banjoman Cossette - s/t Canadian
High for Dinner
Basil Park - s/t Canadian New
July 10th - Basil Park at Bar Robo with Common Casualty and Magnolia
Music starts at 8:30. $10

Basil Park is an Ottawa based instrumentalist and song writer. His debut EP was released in march of 2017, and a full length effort is slated to be released this summer. His live shows feature broody original indie-folk music, upbeat open tuning jaunts and popular and obscure cover music.

Common casualty is a solo project of XiL frontman Liam Hoselton. The project has no real genre rather it is a simple amalgamation of anything and everything that can be done by Liam in a DIY capacity. You can checkout Common Casualty’s debut single here:

Magnolia is marianne keuleman and ryan truong. They make soulful indie pop & rock music, drawing on diverse influences like remy shand, the smiths, the arctic monkeys and amy winehouse. Their focus is creating unique & honest songs that connect with people in all walks of life. Based in ottawa, they are currently working on their first EP.
Basil Park - s/t Canadian
My Hands Are Tied, But Certainly Not Bound
Common Casualty - s/t Canadian New
Elevator Boy
Magnolia - s/t Canadian New
Anni Sumi - s/t Canadian New

"Here is a brand new song called "SKYBOUND"! It was written in the early morning after a long night at Folk Alliance International in Kansas City this year! I was feeling so lifted by the voices, stories, and love I was witnessing in my fellow music-makers that I felt like I was on a dreamy, derailed, skybound-locomotive!"

Songwriting by Annie Sumi
Vocals featuring Liv Cazzola & Anita Cazzola
Cello by Jill Sauerteig
Videography by Analog Songs
Audio by Marc Montachez
Holding On
Tribe Royal - Road To Muscle Shoals Canadian New
A chat in the studio with Terry O'Brien and Chris Kerwin of Tribe Royal

Double a-side singles release, recorded in April at The Nutthouse Recording Studio, in Muscle Shoals, Alabama

International showcasing opportunities at Live At Heart (Sweden) and MIDEM 2019 (France)
Good To Me
Tribe Royal - Road To Muscle Shoals Canadian New
The Look
Jack Moss - s/t Canadian New

Sunny pop for late summer nights or hot beach days.
Ottawa's Jack Johnson, goes by his stage name JACK MOSS.

Media Jeweler (Los Angeles, California) & Jack Moss
7:00 PM on Wednesday Jul. 11th
Bar Robo, 692 Somerset St. W.
Price: $10/PWYC

Tiny Stage: Catriona Sturton!
5:00 PM on Monday Jul. 9th
The Record Centre, 1099 Wellington St W.
Live streamed and live! interview at the Record Centre - Catriona brings her whole band and a must see performance to her indie-blues ensemble, in advance of her set the next day at Bluesfest.
*PWYC* All proceeds go to the artists - a pass the hat tradition - please drop a couple dollars in the hat on your way in, if you are able.


Benefit Concert For The Wabano Centre For Aboriginal Health!
6:00 PM on Friday Jul. 13th
Avant-Garde Bar, 135½ Besserer St
Price: $10 at the door


Patrick LePoidevin
Friday, July 13, 2018, 8:30 PM
blacksheep, 763 Chemin Riverside, Wakefield, QC

Pat LePoidevin is a songwriter and performer strongly influenced by community. With an extensive songwriting resume and five albums to his name, LePoidevin has built a sizable fan base on relentless touring and standout performances at some of Canada’s most prestigious music festivals, including Halifax Pop Explosion and Dawson City Music Festival.

LePoidevin has a new album, Captain Myles & The SPR, released in June 2018, engaging in the topic of futurism and exploration of outer space.
Raina Sokolov-Gonzalez - s/t New
Raina Sokolov-Gonzalez is a singer/composer based in Brooklyn, NY. She plays at Pressed on July 14th, with Montreal dreamgroove band The Leanover and Ottawa locals Subtle Curves.
8 pm, $7

Subtle Curves:
A musical cocktail of Alternative Soul group hailing from Canada's capital.
Raina Sokolov-Gonzalez:
New York-based alternative R&B/Soul artist
The Leanover:
Montreal dreamgroove and quantum-questioning tunes
My Daughter, My Mind
The Leanover - Pawn Trouble New
Rage Without
Sublte Curves - s/t Canadian

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