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Monday Special Blend
Monday October 24th, 2016 with Trish Bolechowsky and Ka Charlton
Interview with Taylor Swindells from The Tourist Company, Music by Old Time Honey, Jeremy Thom, The Barrel Boys, Ron Mills, Fraser Anderson, Bobby Dove, The Bombadils, Micah Erenberg and AHI

Elevator Music
Old Time Honey - Bang!Bang! Canadian New
Born To Die
Old Time Honey - s/t - 3:11 Canadian New

This tune was released August 15, 2016

Aly Neumann - Banjo, Vox
Melisande Archambault - Violon & Washboard
Speedy Johnson - Washtub, Vox
Valentina Piras - Vox
Behind The Name
Jeremy Thom - s/t - 4:42 Canadian
Early On
The Barrel Boys - Early On Canadian
More of a Man
Ron Mills - Duff Road Canadian New
Come in from the Cold
Ron Mills - Duff Road Canadian New
The Tourist Company - Apollo Canadian New
The Lifetime Blues
Micah Erenberg - Poor Mic's Toe Canadian

From Manitoba
Please Let This Go
Fraser Anderson - Under The Cover of Lightness
Bobby Dove - Thunderchild Canadian New
Bobby Dove, from Montreal, plays Kaffe 1870 in Wakefield on Thursday, Oct. 27th and The Rainbow on Friday, October 28th.
Another Doggone Day
Bobby Dove - Thunderchild Canadian New
The Big Goodbye
Bobby Dove - Thunderchild Canadian New
Alive Again
AHI - AHI - on USB 3:17 Canadian New

The website autoplays music
Old Time Honey - Bang!Bang! - 4:43 Canadian
Interactive CKCU
Mike Mercer
Howdy y'all from Texas!:} Got ya an online pledge of $10 Bucks!:} Yahoo! It was nice meeting you folks the first time & take care Trish & Ka you gals rock!:} Anyways love your show & love y'all as well See y'all later!:}

7:13 AM, October 24th, 2016
Trish Bolechowsky (host)
Oh thank you so much Mike!! Our first donation of the campaign. Beautiful you!

7:22 AM, October 24th, 2016