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Monday Special Blend
Monday June 10th, 2013 with Sean
Artists of the Ottawa Jazz Festival

Seven Island Suite
Gordon Lightfoot - Sundown - Warner Canadian
Some of the female performers at the upcoming Ottawa Jazz Festival
Oh Me Oh My
Erin Costelo - We Can Get Over Canadian
Count to 10
Erin Costelo - We Can Get Over Canadian
I Can't Stand It
Maylee Todd - Escapology - Do Right! Canadian
Why Are You Yelling?
Peggy Lee - Invitation - Drip Audio Canadian
Caroline Keating - Silver Heart Canadian
Cabin Fever
Tia Brazda - Cabin Fever and Other Recordings Canadian
Chic Gamine - Chic Gamine Canadian
Also performing... for more info check out and I'll have more next week!
Fall For You
Young Galaxy - Ultramarine Canadian New