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Monday Special Blend
Monday June 3rd, 2013 with Sean
Just another Monday morning

Another edition of the Monday morning special blend, with news, weather, talk, and tunes.
East of Midnight
Gordon Lightfoot - East of Midnight Canadian
Torch & Rope - These Ghosts - private Canadian New
Les Vieux Trains
l'Engoulevent - l'Ile où vivent les loups - ProgQuebec Canadian
Betteraves dans le vinaigre
Rouge Ciel - Rouge Ciel - Monsieur Fauteux Canadian
Les Projectionnistes - Copie Zéro - Ambiances Magnétiques Canadian
Licking My Fingers
Eric Eggleston & the Flavour Vendors - Passin' Through - Outer Rim Canadian
While My Castle's Burning
Roger Rodier - Upon Velveatur - Sunbeam Canadian
Content Was Always My Favorite Colour
The Most Serene Republic - Underwater Cinematographer - Arts & Crafts Canadian
Chariots of the Gods - Tides of War - private Canadian New