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Wednesday May 18th, 2022 with Hans G. Ruprecht & Trafika Europe Radio
A conversation with Veera TYHTILÄ, who is an internationally acclaimed playwright, screenwriter, dramaturge, essayist, translator and poet based in Helsinki, Uusimaa (Finland).

Originally recorded and aired by Red Transmission Podcasts, Helsinki, the show is a rebroadcast of "Veera Tyhtilä - Finish playwright" produced and aired by Trafika Europe Radio, series 'Women in Translation'. Description: "Unofficially nicknamed "The Indiana Jones of Playwrighting", Finnish PEN president Veera Tyhtilä is a multitalented writer, playwright and screenplay writer, essayist and poet, with over 15 plays and films released in Finland. She discusses with host Elizabeth Torres the importance of free expression and free media in the political and financial atmosphere of the world right now, and what role the more fortunate countries have in defense of those who cannot speak up. This episode aired originally on The Red Transmissions podcast." 🔹Portfolio
Veera Tyhtilä Playwright, screenwriter Welcome to my professional Artist Portfolio Portraits ©Laura Malmivaara
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