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Wednesday June 30th, 2021 with Hans G. Ruprecht
' Voices of QUEBEC / Les voix du QUÉBEC ' published by the League of Canadian Poets; followed by the Griffin Poetry Prize 2021 laureates.

[ VOICES OF QUEBEC: Mia Anderson, Martine Audet, Sarah Burgoyne, Louise Carson, Flavia Cosma, Liana Cusmano, Julie de Belle, Denise Desautels, Antony di Nardo, Louise Dupré, Nancy R. Lange, Jeff Parent, Diane Régimbald, Cora Siré, Derek Webster ] The Griffin Poetry Prize 2021 laureates. International author: 'Music for the Dead and Resurrected' by Valzhyna Mort, (Farrar, Straus and Giroux) ; Canadian author: 'The Dyzgraphxst' by Canisia Lubrin (McClelland & Stewart) The 2021 Griffin Poetry Prize Shortlist International: * Victoria Chang’s Obit published by Copper Canyon Press * Valzhyna Mort’s Music for the Dead and Resurrected, published by Farrar, Straus and Giroux * Srikanth Reddy’s Underworld Lit published by Wave Books * Tracy K. Smith’s and Changtai Bi’s translation, from the Chinese, of My Name Will Grow Wide Like a Tree, written by Yi Lei, published by Graywolf Press The 2021 Griffin Poetry Prize Shortlist Canadian: * Joseph Dandurand’s The East Side of It All, published by Nightwood Editions * Canisia Lubrin’s Dyzgraphxst, published by McClelland & Stewart * Yusuf Saadi’s Pluviophile, published by Nightwood Editions Shortlist Press Kit
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