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Wednesday October 30th, 2019 with Hans G. Ruprecht
Mati SHEMOELOF, speaking from Berlin.

Mati Shemoelof is an award winning writer of prose fiction, a magazine editor, and a widely known poet who has published seven books of poetry. His most recent one is called »Bagdad - Haifa - Berlin« (2019). The first chapter of his coming novel has been included in »The German-Hebrew Dialogue« Studies of Encounter and Exchange Series:Perspectives on Jewish Texts and Contexts 6. Ed. by Amir Eshel, Stanford University, USA; Rachel Seelig, The University of Toronto, Canada (de Gruyter, 2017). 🔹Mati Shemoelof describes himself on his site under ›About‹ as ”an Arab-Jew born and raised in Haifa Israel [...] now based in Berlin, Germany.“ For further queries:
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