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Heavy Friends
Saturday January 7th, 2023 with Heavy Ben
In Memoriam - 2022 (Part 2 of 3)

Part two in the annual Heavy Friends series that pays respects to the departed. Part one December 24 Part three January 21 Pictured: Julee Cruise (center) and Angelo Badalamenti (right), who both sadly passed in 2022. An instrumental version of Cruise's "Falling" was the theme song for David Lynch's (left) "Twin Peaks" television series, whose score was composed by Badalamenti.
Hour one
Love Is Gonna Find You
Doucette [Jerry Doucette sadly passed] - Mama Let Him Play - Mushroom Records - 1977 Canadian
Hard Life
Guitar Shorty [David William Kearney sadly passed] - 7" - Pull - 1959
Spasmodic Movements
Earth, Wind & Fire [Andrew Woolfolk sadly passed] - Open Our Eyes - Columbia - 1974
Free From The City
The Poppy Family Featuring Susan Jacks [Susan Jacks sadly passed] - Which Way You Goin' Billy? - London - 1969 Canadian
Where There's A Will
Jimmy Thomas [sadly passed] - 7" - Mirwood - 1966
Bella Donna
Doe Maar [Henny Vrienten sadly passed] - Skunk - Killroy - 1981
Totem [excerpt]
Klaus Schulze [sadly passed] - Picture Music - Brain - 1975
More from Klaus Schulze's impressive solo career on this episode of Night Watch with Dave Fot:
High Flying Bird
Judy Henske [sadly passed] - High Flying Bird - Elektra - 1963
Lord Knows I've Won
Charlee [Walter Rossi sadly passed] - Charlee - RCA Victor - 1972 Canadian
Brand New Set Of Teeth
The Locust [Gabe Serbian sadly passed] - The Locust - Gold Standard Laboratories - 1998
Billo To Meri Aan
Johnny Zee [Tarsame "az' Singh Saini sadly passed] - Hit The Deck - Audiorec - 1989
Tante Nelly
Joe Haider Trio [Allen Blairman sadly passed] - Café Des Pyrénnées - Kick - 1973
"Spinal Tap Drummers"
Mick Shrimpton, drummer in Spinal Tap [Ric Parnell sadly passed] - This Is Spinal Tap (film) - Embassy Pictures - 1984
Open Up Said The World At The Door
The Move [Rick Price sadly passed] - Looking On - Capitol - 1970
Albedo 0.39
Vangelis [Evángelos Odysséas Papathanassíou sadly passed] - Albedo 0.39 - RCA Victor - 1976
Everybody Is Dead
Microdisney [Cathal Coughlan sadly passed] - Everybody Is Fantastic - Rough Trade - 1984
Peter Frohmader [sadly passed] - Nekropolis (film) - (self-released) - circa 1981
Roost 1
Joe McPhee / Lisle Ellis / Paul Plimley [Paul Plimley sadly passed] - Sweet Freedom - Now What? - hat ART - 1995 Canadian
Hour two
Master Rocker
Bernard Wright [sadly passed] - Nard - Arista GRP - 1981
Jeffology I
Jef Gilson, Jean-Luc Ponty, Jean-Louis Chautemps [Jean-Louis Chautemps sadly passed] - Œil Vision - Disques Du Club De L'Échiquier - 1964
Television Set
Depeche Mode [Andy Fletcher sadly passed] - Live At Crocs Night Club June 27, 1981 - (not on label) - 2006 [rec. 1981]
Voodoo Forest
The Johnny Almond Music Machine [Alan White sadly passed] - Patent Pending - Deram - 1969
Ronnie Hawkins & the Hawks [Ronnie Hawkins sadly passed] - Mr. Dynamo - Roulette - 1960 Canadian
Ray Harris & Lefty presented overviews of "The Hawk" on Friday Night Truck Stop:
Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie Yellow Polka Dot Bikini
Brian Hyland [Paul Vance sadly passed] - The Bashful Blond - Kapp - 1960
Summer Breeze
Seals & Crofts [James Seals sadly passed] - Summer Breeze - Warner Bros. - 1972
Julee Cruise [Julee Cruise and Angelo Badalamenti sadly passed] - Floating Into The Night - Warner Bros. - 1989
Africa Is My Root
Osayomore Joseph And The Creative Seven [Osayomore Joseph sadly passed] - Life Is War / Edo Funk Explosion Vol. 1 - Fontana - 1980 / Analog Africa - 2021
Swing Baby!
Big Rude Jake [sadly passed] - Blue Pariah - Big Rude Records - 1996 Canadian
When [excerpt]
Grachan Moncur III [sadly passed] - New Africa - BYG Records - 1969
Patty Duke
Cloud One [Patrick Adams sadly passed] - 12" - Sound Of New York, USA - 1979
Trevor Walker presented a sampling of Patrick Adams on Friday Drive:
Rosa Da Fonte
Paulo Diniz [sadly passed] - Paulo Diniz - Odeon - 1971
Profondo Rosso (Deep Red)
Goblin [Massimo Morante sadly passed] - Profondo Rosso Colonna Sonora Originale Del Film (Deep Red) - Cinevox - 1975
野球狂の詩 (Baseball Maniac Poem)
渡辺宙明 [Watanabe Michiaki aka. Chumei Watanabe sadly passed] - 野球狂の詩 オリジナル・サウンドトラック (Yakyukyo no Uta Original Soundtrack) - Columbia - 1978
Phantom Shifters [Gregg Kerr sadly passed] - A Fistful Of Rock N' Roll Volume 11 - Devil Doll Records - 2003 Canadian
Suppositories [Ian Showalter sadly passed] - Misfit EP - Going Gaga - 2009 Canadian
The Wensleydale Suite: Fluor-spar
The Don Rendell Five Featuring Barbara Thompson [Barbara Thompson sadly passed] - Just Music - Spotlite - 1976
This is the end of the FM broadcast and live-stream.

Hour three is bonus content available "on demand" (click LISTEN NOW at the top-left of the page for the full show)
Kyekye Pe Aware
Sweet Talks [Alfred Benjamin Crentsil aka. A.B. Crentsil sadly passed] - The Kusum Beat - Philips-West African-Records - 1976
Stinkin Thinkin (Hague 7")
Happy Mondays [Paul Ryder sadly passed] - 7" - Factory - 1992
Gary Bartz [Michael Henderson sadly passed] - The Shadow Do - Prestige - 1975
Goodbye Horses
Q. Lazzarus [Diane Luckey sadly passed] - Goodbye Horses EP - All Nations - 1991
"And Here Come The Pretzels"
The Simpsons [Vin Scully sadly passed] - The Twisted World of Marge Simpson (Season 8, Episode 11) - Fox - 1997
Blue Sky And Silver Bird
Lamont Dozier [sadly passed] - Black Bach - ABC - 1974
A Home In The Forest
Keijo [Keijo Virtanen sadly passed] - WHNZ:16:MYTIME - We Have No Zen! - 2009
Help Me Make It Through The Night
Olivia Newton-John [sadly passed] (orig. Kris Kristofferson) - If Not For You - UNI, PYE - 1971
Green Monster
Hal Blaine & The Young Cougars [Bill Pitman sadly passed] - Deuces, "T's," Roadsters & Drums - RCA Victor - 1963
Funny Bird
Joachim Kühn & Rolf Kühn [Rolf Kuhn sadly passed] - Bloody Rockers - BYG Records - 1969
Malik Yaumi Din (Owner Of The Last Day)
Monnette Sudler Quartet / Quintet [Monnette Sudler sadly passed] - Time For A Change - SteepleChase - 1977
I Fought The Law
The Crickets [Jerry Allison sadly passed] - In Style With The Crickets - Coral - 1960
Antonio Carlos Jobim [Creed Taylor sadly passed] - Wave - CTI, A&M - 1967
Check out this CTI mix on Friday Drive with Trevor Walker:
Theme 001
Jaimie Branch [sadly passed] - Fly Or Die Live - International Anthem - 2021
Angel Of Fire
Mark Shreeve ‎[sadly passed] - Assassin - Uniton - 1983
Interactive CKCU
Ben Armstrong (host)
Good evening heavy listeners. Any memories of these musicians who left us in 2022?

8:12 PM, January 7th, 2023
Always nice to turn on the car and be greeted by Picture Music!

8:20 PM, January 7th, 2023
Ben Armstrong (host)
Hey Sean, glad to hear your ears perked up to Klaus Schulze! Alas, we don't have time for the full side tonight.

8:25 PM, January 7th, 2023
Choice selections as usual and several artists that are new to my ears!

8:41 PM, January 7th, 2023
Yes, for Schulze's many virtues, being concise was not one of them :)

8:47 PM, January 7th, 2023
Ben Armstrong (host)
Thanks Manmohan. Yes, some of these artists are making their CKCU debut tonight. I think it's important to air the previosly unaired, even posthumously.

8:49 PM, January 7th, 2023
Ben Armstrong (host)
... and to play some great pop songs, too!

9:22 PM, January 7th, 2023
Good stuff. Love that our Ottawa friends are being remembered here too. <3

9:25 PM, January 7th, 2023
Chris I.
Was driving and grooving to Judy's version of High Flying Bird! Cool cover. Thanks for all, Ben.

9:42 PM, January 7th, 2023
Ben Armstrong (host)
Of course, Leege. Those hit home.

9:45 PM, January 7th, 2023
Ben Armstrong (host)
Thanks Chris. I wondered about "High Flying Bird", too. Judy Henske was the first to record it. You probably know Richie Havens and/or Jefferson Airplane's versions?

9:48 PM, January 7th, 2023