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Heavy Friends
Saturday January 8th, 2022 with Heavy Ben
In Memoriam - 2021 (Part 3 of 3)

Part three in the annual Heavy Friends series that pays respects to the departed. Part one aired December 18 Part two aired January 1 Pictured: singer Alèmayèhu Eshèté and label owner Amha Eshèté, pioneers of “The Golden Years of Ethiopian Music”. They risked imprisonment for defying the state monopoly of cutting records.
Hour One
Birth Of The Boogie
Bill Haley And His Comets [Joey D'Ambrosia sadly passed] - Rock Around The Clock - Decca - 1955
Jungle Jazz
Kool & The Gang [Dennis "D.T." Thomas sadly passed] - Spirit Of The Boogie - De-Lite - 1975
Rhythm So Sweet
Sister Breeze [Jean Lumsden sadly passed] - Riddym Ravings - ROIR - 1987
White Teeth
The Screaming Gypsy Bandits [Caroline Peyton sadly passed] - In The Eye - Bar-B-Q Records - 1973
R. Murray Schafer [sadly passed] - Listen (film directed by David New) - National Film Board of Canada - 2009 Canadian
For more on R. Murray Schafer, check the July 18, 2020 Heavy Friends episode on World Listening Day (also... and this is no coincidence... Shafer's birthday!)
The Rolling Stones [Charlie Watts sadly passed] - 12" - Rolling Stone Records - 1981
I Like Beer
Tom T. Hall [sadly passed] - 7" - Mercury - 1975
Sir Victor "Guitar Boy" Uwaifo [sadly passed] & His Melody Maestroes - Safari Disco Soundz / Guitar-Boy Superstar 1970-76 - Coconut / Soundway - 1976 / 2008
Victor Uwaifo was featured by Trevor on Friday Drive in September
Holy Dub
New Age Doom & Lee Scratch Perry [sadly passed] - Lee "Scratch" Perry's Guide To The Universe - We Are Busy Bodies - 2021 Canadian New
Check out Junior Smith's tributes to Lee Perry on Reggae In The Fields, spread over 3 shows
I'm Gonna Try
Carol Fran [sadly passed] - 7" - Port - 1965
Iron Butterfly Theme
Iron Butterfly [Ron Bushy sadly passed] - Heavy - ATCO - 1968
Qondjit (Konjit)
Alèmayèhu Eshèté (Alemayehu Eshete) [sadly passed, as did Amha label owner operator Amha Eshèté] - 7" / Éthiopiques 9 / Ethiopian Urban Modern Music Vol. 2 - Amha / Buda Musique / L'Arôme Productions - 1974 / /2001 / 2007
Michael Chapman [sadly passed] - Rainmaker - Harvest - 1969
Delta 5 [Julz Sale sadly passed] - 7" - Rough Trade - 1980
Silent Command
Cabaret Voltaire [Richard H. Kirk sadly passed] - 7" - Rough Trade - 1980
Sweetback Losing His Cherry
Melvin Van Peebles [sadly passed] - Sweet Sweetback's Baadasssss Song - Stax - 1971
Say It Loud I'm Black And I'm Proud
James Brown [Pee Wee Ellis sadly passed] - 7" - King / Polydor - 1968
Blues For Martha
Oscar Peterson Trio [Jiri / George Mraz sadly passed] - Another Day - MPS - 1971 Canadian
Hour Two
Pictures Of Matchstick Men
The Status Quo [Alan Lancaster sadly passed] - Picturesque Matchstickable Messages From The Status Quo - Pye - 1968
4 Hours
Zircon Lounge & Chris Ho [sadly passed] - Regal Victor - WEA - 1983
Wompe Masem
Nana Ampadu [sadly passed] & African Brothers Band International - Emaa Bekum Mmarima / Ghana Special: Modern Highlife, Afro-Sounds & Ghanaian Blues 1968-81 - Aduana / Soundaway - 1976 / 2009
Move Your Hand
Lonnie Smith [sadly passed] - Move Your Hand - Blue Note - 1970
For more on Lonnie Smith check out Trevor's Friday Drive

... and Rob's Split/Shift
Blue Monday
Nouvelle Vague [Olivier Libaux sadly passed] [orig. New Order] - Bande À Part - The Perfect Kiss / Peacefrog Records - 2006
Sunshine Man
The Mutual Understanding [Mike Renzi sadly passed] - 7" - CBC Radio Canada - 1974 Canadian
Tornei A Caminhar
(Sebastiao Tapajos) Sebastião Tapajós [sadly passed] & Pedro dos Santos - Sebastiao Tapajos / Pedro Dos Santos Vol. 2 - Trova - 1972
Southern Mark Smith
The Jazz Butcher [Pat Fish sadly passed] - 7" / Bloody Nonsense - Glass / Mercury - 1983 / 1986
Cowboys In Africa
Bush Tetras [Dee Pop sadly passed] - Rituals EP - Stuff - 1981
Alan Hawkshaw [sadly passed] & Brian Bennett - Synthesizer And Percussion - Themes International Music - 1974
Disco Goldorak (Instrumental)
Michel Robidoux [sadly passed] - 7" - Poly-Sons - 1980 Canadian
Passe-Partout Chanson Thème
Michel Robidoux [sadly passed], Pierre F. Brault - Passe-Partout - Poly-Sons - 1980 Canadian
Pat Martino [sadly passed] [orig. John Coltrane] - Consciousness - Muse - 1974
One In Ten
UB40 [Brian Travers and Astro aka. Terence Wilson and sadly passed] - Present Arms - DEP International - 1981
Pacific 202
808 State [Andy Barker sadly passed] - 90 (Ninety) - ZTT - 1989
Review Your Choices
Pentagram [Greg Mayne sadly passed] - First Daze Here: The Vintage Collection - Relapse - 2002 (rec. 1973)
As A Matter Of Fact
Lloyd McNeill [sadly passed] Quartet - Asha - ASHA / Universal Sound - 1969 / 2010
$7.50 Once A Week
Dave Frishberg [sadly passed] - Schoolhouse Rock! - Schoolhouse Rock - 1995
Terra Incognita
Niagara [Ack van Rooyen sadly passed] - S.U.B. - United Artists - 1972
This is the end of the FM broadcast and live-stream.

Hour Three - bonus content available "on demand" (click LISTEN NOW at the top-left of the page for the full show).
Banzai Pipeline
The Astronauts [Jim Gallagher sadly passed] - Surfin' With The Astronauts - RCA Victor - 1963
No One Is Alone
James Corden, Anna Kendrick, Lilla Crawford, Daniel Huttlestone [Stephen Sondheim sadly passed] - Into The Woods - Walt Disney Records - 2014
La Confianza
(Menique) Meñique El Panameño Con Bush Y Los Magnificos [Meñique sadly passed] - Panama! 2: Latin Sounds, Cumbia Tropical & Calypso Funk On The Isthmus - Soundway - 2009 (rec. 1967-77)
Music On A Long Thin Wire [excerpt]
Alvin Lucier [sadly passed] - Music On A Long Thin Wire - Lovely Music, Ltd. - 1980
Got To Getcha
Maceo And All The King's Men [Melvin Parker sadly passed] - Doing Their Own Thing - House Of The Fox - 1970
Sandro Brugnolini [Vincenzo "Enzo" Restuccia sadly passed] - Overground - Sincro Edizioni Musicali / Cinedelic - 1970 / 2008
Maradj Velem
Omega [János Kóbor (Janos Kobor) aka. Mecky sadly passed] - Éjszakai Országút (Ejszakai Orszagut) - Qualiton - 1970
Keep On Dubbing
Augustus Pablo [Robbie Shakespeare sadly passed] - King Tubbys Meets Rockers Uptown - Yard / Clocktower - 1976
For more dubby goodness from Robbie check out Chris on Turn Up The Radio

Neil on This Island Earth

... and Trevor on Friday Drive
Mary, Mary
The Monkees [Michael Nesmith sadly passed] - More Of The Monkees - RCA Victor - 1967
I'm A Stranger Here
Five Man Electrical Band [Les Emmerson sadly passed] - 7" - Lion - 1973 Canadian
Stretchin' Out
Doris Troy [Phil Chen sadly passed] - Stretchin' Out - People - 1974
Buried With Friends
Uncut [Ian Worang sadly passed] - Those Who Were Hung Hang Here - Paper Bag - 2004 Canadian
Theme From Cleopatra Jones
Joe Simon [sadly passed] & J.J. Johnson - Cleopatra Jones (OST) - Warner - 1973
The Roots [Leonard Hubbard aka Hub sadly passed] - The Tipping Point - Geffen - 2004
The Hunter Gets Captured By The Game
The Marvelettes [Wanda Young sadly passed] - The Marvelettes - Tamla - 1967
Roxanne, Roxanne (single edit)
UTFO [The Kangol Kid (Shiller Shaun Fequiere) sadly passed] - UTFO - Select - 1984
Kangol hats were a thing, but the Roxanne Wars really is something
Honey White
Morphine [Billy Conway sadly passed] - Yes - Rykodisc - 1995
Is You Is Or Is You Ain't My Baby
Barry Harris [sadly passed] - At The Jazz Workshop - Riverside - 1960
Ron Steeds paid respects to Barry Harris on In A Mellow Tone in December
Smalltown Boy (12" extended version)
Bronski Beat [Steve Bronski sadly passed] - 12" (orig. from the album The Age of Consent) - Forbidden Fruit - 1984
Interactive CKCU
Couldn’t wait to hear the show Ben, who else but LSP could provide vocals for New Age Doom, waiting for the new childrens music LP with Scratch and the Pop Group with Mark Stewart & Adrian Sherwood

2:22 PM, January 8th, 2022
Ben Armstrong (host)
Hey Eddy, thanks for the advance comment. I bet that children's record will be educational!

8:05 PM, January 8th, 2022
Ben Armstrong (host)
Welcome to the final episode of the series. Do you have any connections or anecdotes of these musicians?

8:18 PM, January 8th, 2022
Jas Nasty
Hello Ben! Tuned in and learning :)

8:18 PM, January 8th, 2022
Ben Armstrong (host)
Hi Jas, glad to know you're tuned in

8:30 PM, January 8th, 2022
Dandy Rayment (bubble)
Hello from Montreal! Thanks for including Sondheim! Can't say how many times I watched the original Broadway cast of Into the Woods on VHS

8:34 PM, January 8th, 2022
Ben Armstrong (host)
Hey Dandy Ray, are you lot still grounded after 10pm? Thanks for the Sondheim tips Wendy!

8:39 PM, January 8th, 2022
Jas Nasty
Love the Delta 5

8:49 PM, January 8th, 2022
Ben, the 45 of pictures of matchstick men was on my Marconi with the nickel weight for quite a while before the lava lamp took over.

9:07 PM, January 8th, 2022
Ben Armstrong (host)
Mos def Jas! I wish there were a few more songs from those early days. Such a small catalogue from Delta 5.

9:21 PM, January 8th, 2022
Ben Armstrong (host)
Eddy, cool that you had the 45 back in the day. I remember as a kid having a small number of records so each stayed on the record player for long times. I never need to hear the Grease soundtrack again as it is emblazoned in my mind.

9:25 PM, January 8th, 2022
Sunday Night Mind Melt
Enjoying the show, as ever -- and especially this "Oddball" track! BTW, those who'd like to hear more Alvin Lucier are invited to tune in to this week's SNMM:

9:28 PM, January 8th, 2022
Ben Armstrong (host)
Excellent, glad you are around to hear "Oddball"... I just knew you'd like it.

9:30 PM, January 8th, 2022
Jas Nasty
Passe Partout OMG!!!!!

9:35 PM, January 8th, 2022
Jas Nasty
Wow physical memory engaged I don' think I have heard that in 30 years

9:35 PM, January 8th, 2022
Dandy Rayment (bubble)
Ya we're under curfew as of 10pm but we've got a golden (Labrador) ticket to get out if needed

9:35 PM, January 8th, 2022
Brenda W.

9:36 PM, January 8th, 2022
Very sad to lose Pat Fish (The Jazz Butcher) - I had been in touch with him a few times to do a Television Personalities cover for our tribute series and he was considering it. He was always super nice.

9:37 PM, January 8th, 2022
Ben Armstrong (host)
Oui... passe-partout! Ou sont mes amis (forts)? Ils sont ici!

9:39 PM, January 8th, 2022
Ben Armstrong (host)
Jas, Brenda - fun that you got that! I bet a lot of people have not heard that since the 80s. Remarkable what is instantly recalled.

9:40 PM, January 8th, 2022
Ben Armstrong (host)
Hi Wally, that's a cool connection. And it's always a bit of a relief to hear that celebrities (of any fame) are decent humans. Not that we had any reason to think otherwise of Pat Fish. Just, ya know...

9:42 PM, January 8th, 2022
Nice to hear loons with dance music.

9:44 PM, January 8th, 2022
Ben Armstrong (host)
You know it, Chris.

9:55 PM, January 8th, 2022
The guys in the band UB40 were also super nice folks. When they played Barrymores in the 80's, I had to work so got to the show late and missed most of their show but when we were talking to the band after the show, they felt so bad that a fan missed their show so put me and my brother on the guest list for their show the next day in Montreal. Sadly we didn't make it but their kindness and generosity left a good mark on us and we stayed fans for years and I was listening to one of their lessor known releases earlier today. Thanks Ben for these shows ND the memories.

9:55 PM, January 8th, 2022
Ben Armstrong (host)
Thanks all for listening! The last hour of the program may be heard by clicking LISTEN NOW at the top of the page. Just gotta get to all the people I can. Otherwise, catch you back here soon...

9:57 PM, January 8th, 2022
Ben Armstrong (host)
Wally, another touching personal story. Thanks for sharing.

9:59 PM, January 8th, 2022
Wonderful mix, Ben, all three shows. The grim reaper gave you lots of good material, yet again.

10:20 PM, January 8th, 2022
Ben Armstrong (host)
Sure did, Bruce. Thanks for checking out the shows from the left coast!

10:44 PM, January 8th, 2022
great work on the series. A lot of loss there.. along with a lot of joyous sounds

11:53 AM, January 23rd, 2022