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This Island Earth
Sunday March 19th, 2023 with Marc-Andre Roy and Manmohan Panesar
Tunes from all over, curated by guest host Marc-Andre Roy!

We're honoured to have guest host Marc-Andre with us this afternoon. He's a long time listener of the show and station and is gracing us with three hours of tracks that have caught his ear over the years.
Ching Söörtukchülerining Yryzy / Song of the Caravan Drivers
Huun-Huur-Tu - Best Live
Rabba Ru
Kiran Ahluwalia - Aam Zameen: Common Ground Canadian
Ravi Shankar & Philip Glass - Passages
Meetings Along the Edge
Ravi Shankar & Philip Glass - Passages
The Evening Primrose
Ye Lai Xiang - Remixed and Restored, Vol. 1
Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence
Ryuichi Sakamoto - Playing the Piano 2013 in Yokohama
Thousand Knives
Ryuichi Sakamoto - Playing the Piano
El Pampero - Recorded Live Montreux, Switzerland
Gato Barbieri - Brasil (Live)
Portico Quartet Knee-Deep In the North Sea
Portico Quartet - Portico Quartet Knee-Deep In the North Sea
People Everywhere (Still Alive)
Khruangbin - The Universe Smiles Upon You
Tongo Barra
Vieux Farka Touré & Khruangbin - Ali
The Homeless Wanderer
Emahoy Tsege Mariam Gebru - Spielt Eigen Kompositionen - EP
Pata Pata
Miriam Makeba - Welela
In C Mali
Africa Express & Andre de Ridder Africa Express - Terry Riley's In C Mali
Action Time
Femi Kuti - No Place For My Dream
Trouble Sleep Yanga Wake Am
Fela Kuti - Roforofo Fight
Slave Masters
Seun Anikulapo Kuti and Egypt 80 - From Africa with Fury
Jeremy Dutcher - Wolastoqiyik Lintuwakonawa Canadian
Il n'est jamais trop tard
Negro Estrellas - Guts & El Gato
A Minha Menina
Os Mutantes - Tropicalia
Interactive CKCU
Manmohan Panesar (host)
Greetings Earthlings, drop a line here with any comments, feedback, etc! Who's out there?

1:14 PM, March 19th, 2023
Rob Bitschofsky
Sounding good, gents! Welcome to the show, Marc-Andre. Way to go!

1:16 PM, March 19th, 2023
Manmohan Panesar (host)
Hey - Thanks Rob. Great to be here to play some of the great tunes I've heard on the show over the years.

1:27 PM, March 19th, 2023
GREETINGS AND HUGS Marc-Andre. Your shooooow thus far sounds like it could be one of mine. OK, for better or worse. In fact I checked. What could *possibly* go wrong with Tuvan style throat singing + Kiran + Ravi Shankar & Philip Glass +++ NOTHING, yup i checked. WELCOME!!

1:31 PM, March 19th, 2023
Manmohan Panesar (host)
Ha - glad you're enjoying it. Some of the tune may very well be from some of your pat shows.

1:33 PM, March 19th, 2023
Rob B
You’re a natural, Marc-Andre!

1:38 PM, March 19th, 2023
Greetings All Sky blue, sun, & TIE old Sony, 1 tripple A...on a stroll... life is good merci!

1:42 PM, March 19th, 2023
Love piano by Sakamoto

1:46 PM, March 19th, 2023
Nice pairing of Evening Primrose with the Sakamoto.

1:46 PM, March 19th, 2023
M-A You are Hired!

2:24 PM, March 19th, 2023
Manmohan Panesar (host)
Manmohan is showing me the ropes!

2:32 PM, March 19th, 2023
pb, yet again
In C, Mali! How cool is that!! i again repeat, you are ripping off several of my shoooows, with great pleasure. What a treat to have enough time to play big pieces, in full 3D Technicolor! Or Kodachrome 25 on a tripod.

2:50 PM, March 19th, 2023
Great sounding show! Listening on the train retiurning from Toronto.

3:00 PM, March 19th, 2023
Manmohan Panesar (host)
Thanks enbee-yow. Having fun in the studio!

3:05 PM, March 19th, 2023
Peter bunnett
Just tuned in . Sublime.How suitable this composition is to the Malian conception would make for an interesting discussion.I often play drum set over this stuff.Love the erdu soloing.. More gu3st hosts . NOTHING PERSONAL. Thanks for all the work . Pete

3:08 PM, March 19th, 2023
Wow,now it's really getting good.

3:11 PM, March 19th, 2023
That in C version is amazing ! Thanks for playing it

3:14 PM, March 19th, 2023
Manmohan Panesar (host)
Thanks Peter, Regis. Appreciate the feedback.

3:24 PM, March 19th, 2023
Rebekka Roy
An absolutely brilliant set - I loved all the background stories! I was particularly excited to hear Huun-Huur-Tu, Sakamoto and Portico Quartet - family favourites! (Oh, I definitely appreciated the Barenaked Ladies CKCU bit). The wife.

3:56 PM, March 19th, 2023
Manmohan Panesar (host)
Manmohan here this time, as all of the comments above in my name were actually Marc-Andre. It was a lot of fun having a cohost. He and his family have good taste in music! We're hoping to do round two in the future. Other listeners out there have the same open invitation as well. Well done Marc-Andre putting together a show of stellar tunes. Thanks.

7:27 PM, March 19th, 2023
An older listen renewed under CPR. M-A shooooow redux. Pure latinum from deep space!!! Am gleeful that ye, um, reused amply. You remain hired, for sure. Miigwech.

12:23 AM, May 22nd, 2023