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This Island Earth
Sunday March 12th, 2023 with Neil Bakshi

This week, a listen to music from Burkina Faso, a new album from Ali Farka Toure, and The Twinkle Brothers.
Pale Tioionte/Kambire Tiaporte/Da Gboro Ale - Burkina Faso: Lobi Country
Mama Alice ft Sekou Coulibaly
Burkina Azza - Wari bô New
Aw Ye Douba Ke
Abdoulaye Cisse - The Original Sound Of Burkina Faso
Amadou Balake - The Original Sound Of Burkina Faso
Yamb Ney Capitale
Pierre Sandwidi & Super Volta - The Original Sound Of Burkina Faso
Les Tuareg - Burkina Faso - Musiques Et Chants Des Minorités
Dia-The Drought
Ye Lassina Coulibaly - Burkina Faso - Farafina Djembe
Ali Farka Touré - Voyageur New
Sadjona (feat. Oumou Sangaré)
Ali Farka Touré - Voyageur New
Kombo Galia
Ali Farka Touré - Voyageur New
It's Not Who You Know
The Twinkle Brothers - 7"
Beat them Jah Jah
The Twinkle Brothers - Rasta Pon Top
The Twinkle Brothers - Rasta Pon Top
Room Full and Full
The Twinkle Brothers - Old Time Something
Somebody Help Me
Norman Grant - Old Time Something
Don't Betray My Love (Pierso Godzina)
Twinkle Brothers & Trebunie-Tutki - Higher Heights & Twinkle Inna Polish Stylee
Orle pioro (Wanted)
Trebunia Family & Twinkle - Comeback Twinkle 2 Trebunia Family
Marsze Powitalne
Trebunie-Tutki - Saga
Regra Três
Toquinho & Mart'nália - single New
Vento a Favor
Sessa - single New
Errare Humanum Est
Lucas Santtana - O Para​í​so New
Sports Men
Haruomi Hosono - Philharmony
Oba Erediauwa
Sonny Okosuns - Nigeria Soul Power 70
Come On Home
Lijadu Sisters - Horizon Unlimited
Cool Out Son
Junior Murvin - Scorchers From The Mighty Two - Joe Gibbs New
Facts of Life
Roy Shirley and Slim Smith - Reggae Pioneers - Bunny Lee New
The Cranes - single
Black Santiago - African Scream Contest 2
Da Garrafa Uma Pinga
Verequete E O Conjunto Uirapurú - Jambú E Os Míticos Sons Da Amazônia
Be Counted
Orlando Julius with The Heliocentrics - Jaiyede Afro
Boy Cuisinier
Sandwidi Pierre - Le Troubadour De La Savane 1976-1980
Cave Of Brahma
The Sorcerers - In Search Of The Lost City Of The Monkey God
Bush Doctor
Music Doctors - Reggae In The Summertime
Yim Mas Gan
The Abbyssinians - Good Times Skank
Dance Beat
Clancy Eccles - Freedom
Interactive CKCU
Looks like ample beats lined up! Some porch parking maybe even involved on this lovely early spring day. Happy LATE FOR EVERYTHING DAY fellow Earthlings.

1:14 PM, March 12th, 2023
Neil Bakshi (host)
Hey PeterB. Late for everything day is exactly what's been going on with us! I hope you and yours are getting some sun on your faces and enjoying this lovely day.

1:22 PM, March 12th, 2023
robert p in gatineau
Tuned in. Thanks .

2:50 PM, March 12th, 2023
P Dumb Ideas 'R' B
I have a badly broken, seriously flawed, theory. What if, no matter where you are on the planet, or I suppose Martian colonies too, 06:00 am is whenever sunrise is in _your_ location. So, say, 07:00 in Ottawa would be 06:57 in Toronto, 06:51 in Thunder Bay, etc. The chronological mayhem would be most entertaining. The airline industry for example would be thrown into total disarray. But everyone gets a perfectly valid excuse to be late, or early. Free from the tyranny of DST, time zones or any of that. And _your_ body clocks rule.

2:58 PM, March 12th, 2023
Neil Bakshi (host)
Mr P, Bringing back the sundial!

3:01 PM, March 12th, 2023
YES to Sundial! Should we file for patents on that? We actually have a small but quite accurate sundial, allows for tilt, leveling and azimuth adjustment Damned cool machine!

3:27 PM, March 12th, 2023
Neil Bakshi (host)
Thanks for tuning in Robert P. and P.

3:54 PM, March 12th, 2023