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This Island Earth
Sunday January 12th, 2020 with Manmohan Panesar
Favourite releases of 2019. twenty one (21) albums in total as we spin/span the globe!

Welcome to THIS ISLAND EARTH, CKCU's globe spinning program, broadcast every Sunday afternoon from 1 to 4 p.m. EST. We visit every corner of the globe with a an electric mix of styles and genres of music. Stay with us this afternoon (Sunday 1-4pm) at CKCU 93.1 FM in the greater Ottawa area or at from anywhere around the world, as we spin the globe and play my favourite releases of 2019. Stay tuned and drop me a line! ---> right there on the right hand side of the screen!
Sorry for the late start due to the ice buildup on windows and a huge thanks to Colin for holding the fort until I dragged myself in late. If you're listening ON-DEMAND there are a couple of tracks from Rush and then the first track on this playlist starts at about 1:10 pm or shortly after that.

We start with an intense collaboration between the virtuoso Hungarian violinist Lajkó in collaboration with the Polish quintet, Volosi.
Félix Lajkó & Volosi - Félix Lajkó & Volosi (Fonó Music Hall, 2019)
Several tracks from Africa, starting with the sublime and soulful Bassekou Kouyate & Ngoni B, haling from Mali. The on to Cameroon, Niger, Mali, Congo and Somalia.
Bassekou Kouyate & Ngoni Ba - Miri (Out Here, 2019)
Blick Bassy - 1958 (No Format, 2019)
Mdou Moctar - Ilana: The Creator (Sahel Sounds, 2019)
Tinariwen - Amadjar (Anti-, 2019)
KOKOKO! - Fongola (Transgressivev)
Gobonimada Jira
Bakaka Band - Mogadisco - Dancing Mogadishu from 1972-1991 (Analog Africa, 2019)
This set features a mix of funky and jazzy/experimental pieces from Yemen, Cuba, Cameroon, South Asia.
Ya Raiyat
El Khat - Saadia Jefferson (Barov, 2019)
Roberto Fonseca - Yesun (Mack Avenue Music Group, 2019)
Water Strings
Franck Biyong - Afro Galactic Spaceway (Afrolectric Music Ltd., 2019)
Go: Organic Orchestra, Brooklyn Raga Massive & Adam Rudolph - Ragmala (Meta)
We continue in South Asia with a couple of tracks before moving to some EthioJazz, Belize and then on to some psychedelic music from Brazil and Turkey.
Sarathy Korwar - More Arriving (The Leaf Label, 2019)
War Song
Ustad Saami - God Is Not A Terrorist" (Glitterbeat, 2019)
Dexter Story - Bahir (Soundway, 2019)
Garifuna Collective - Aban (Stonetree, 2019)
Sessa - Grandeza (Boiled, 2019)
Üç Kız Bir Ana
Derya Yıldırım & Grup Şimşek - Kar Yağar (Bongo Joe, 2019)
Sevdiğimi Seçtim
Umut Adan - Bahar (Riverboat, 2019)
I dedicate the next two tracks to the people of Iran, who have victims of injustice for decades from any number of sources. We spin two tracks from two different Persian composers and kamencheh masters (spiked fiddle), then hear from a wonderful Egyptian composer and musician.
Dawn: III, Kayhan’s Chahar
Kayhan Kalhor and Rembrandt Frerichs Trio - It’s Still Autumn (Kepera)
Scattered Memories
Saba Alizadeh - Scattered Memories (Karlresords)
Al Khawaga
Maurice Louca - Elephantine (Northern Spy Records)
That does it for my favourite 21 releases of 2019. We exitoff with a classic from Dudu Pukwana.
Dudu Pukwana - In the Townships
Interactive CKCU
Manmohan Panesar (host)
Welcome to TIE! Earthlings, hit us here with any comments, questions or running commentary! Do it!! Who's out there in the ether listening in?

1:18 PM, January 12th, 2020
That's some beautiful Bassekou! More soulful than I remember him.

1:28 PM, January 12th, 2020
Manmohan Panesar (host)
Hey Alnoor! Yes, my fave album from him, although the previous ones were solid as well.

1:29 PM, January 12th, 2020
Good tunes Manmmohan

1:38 PM, January 12th, 2020
Manmohan Panesar (host)
Thanks Shubham.

1:39 PM, January 12th, 2020
What year did Tony Daye host this show

1:43 PM, January 12th, 2020
Manmohan Panesar (host)
Tony hosted the show for many, many years.

1:48 PM, January 12th, 2020
Was it 1983 Manmmohan

1:52 PM, January 12th, 2020
Manmohan Panesar (host)
That was around the time the show was started by Tony.

2:03 PM, January 12th, 2020
What's this playing at 2:40

2:40 PM, January 12th, 2020
Manmohan Panesar (host)
Sarathy Korwar is playing now. Check the playlist on the left of this screen.

2:43 PM, January 12th, 2020
peebee, recovering from ice romoval and other un-planned non-travel plans
Sarathy Korwar has been totally KILLING it this year and last, along with several collabs as well. Shabaka too. What an amazing mind blower year!

2:58 PM, January 12th, 2020
Manmohan Panesar (host)
Agreed on all counts! Awesome vision and creativity from Korwar, Shabaka and so many others. I made the mistake of deciding to drive the the station today rather than bike or bus/train and was late starting the show due to the ice on the windows. That was the toughest ice I've ever had to remove, or maybe I'm getting weaker or maybe using inferior ice removal tools? There was much colourful language.

3:03 PM, January 12th, 2020
What month was it when this show started

3:11 PM, January 12th, 2020
Manmohan Panesar (host)
No idea, Shubham. In fact I'm not sure that anyone knows the answer to this question.

3:22 PM, January 12th, 2020
David Dalle
I'll ask Tony and see if he remembers Shubham. He started this show and was the host for close to 2 decades(?). Good stuff on the show. A couple of things I have missed. Did I really miss a new a Tinariwen album?

3:33 PM, January 12th, 2020
Manmohan Panesar (host)
Yep, the new Tinariwen album is up there with the best that they have done in the past. Glad you enjoyed it, Dave!

3:40 PM, January 12th, 2020
Hello Great show. Can you recommend some good albums or downloads for African disco/funky/dancy type music ! Feeling the need for heat on a snowy day like today! Cheers Afromaniac

3:49 PM, January 12th, 2020
Reflecting on your closing words: "All we are saying, is give peace a chance" -- John Lennon

3:51 PM, January 12th, 2020
Manmohan Panesar (host)
Afromaniac, the Mogadisco featured earlier in this program is a gem of a release. Any of the Africa Special compilations are fabulous as well. Ghana , Mali, etc. Tons of stuff to look up on-line. Enjoy!

3:57 PM, January 12th, 2020
Thanks MP - how about a collab sometime.? Keep up the stellar work! AM

3:59 PM, January 12th, 2020
Hey Afromaniac! Thanks for your interest!! I'd strongly recommend data mining the heck out of this program via OnDemand (, as well as The Groove (, David Dalle ( And SOOO many more!! There is MASSIVE backlog there, via the magic of time travel.

4:00 PM, January 12th, 2020
Mucho mucho grathias!!! Will mine for sure!! Cheers

4:03 PM, January 12th, 2020
David Dalle (host)
If I may, Afromaniac, one great sample of my program:

4:15 PM, January 12th, 2020
HI David, Much appreciated! This is top notch! Cheers

4:32 PM, January 12th, 2020
Afromaniac, I would love to do a collab! Please let me know when works for you and we'll put together a plan.

5:30 PM, January 12th, 2020
Hi MP Yes please send me an email and we can discuss. You can reach me on: Thanks and chat soon. Cheers AM

4:22 PM, January 13th, 2020