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This Island Earth

This Island Earth
Sunday January 6th, 2013 with Neil Bakshi

Happy New Year! Today, a look back with three hours of music released in 2012 from all over the plant.
The Toure - Raichel Collective - The Tel Aviv Sessions
Tigawahi Tikma
Bombino - Songs for Desert Refugees New
The First Night
Danny Michel and the Benque Players - Black Birds are Dancing Over Me Canadian
The Soul Jazz Orchestra - Solidarity Canadian
Mother in Law
Sierra Leone's Refugee All Stars - Radio Salome New
Tieme Sabor
Ondatropica - s.t. New
Ca pra Nos
Lucas Santtana - Nostaligia (Remix) New
Monosweszi - Undiscovered World
A Toast to Frame and Ro
Shabazz Palaces (Chimurenga Renaissance) - Pungwe New
Hype Williams meets Shangaan Electro
Hype Williams - Shangaan Shake
Burnt Friedman - Bokoboko New
Aram Bajakian - Kef New
Geoffrey Gurrumul Yunupingu - Rrakala New
Raga Khamaj Aalaap
Debashish Bhattacharya - Live in Calcutta
The Blues of Wollo
Samuel Yirga - Guzo New
The Klaus Doldinger Quartet - Doldinger in South America
Never Play Me (Tony Allen)
Doctor L - We Got Lost New
Get Free
Major Lazer - Get Free EP
Ono y Sangre
John Talabot - fin
Til We Ghosts
Petite Noir - Til We Ghosts (single) New
Andrew Ashong - Flowers (single) New
Algiers - Blood (single) New
The Matador
Papa Chango - The Matador (soundtrack to the film yet to be filmed) New
Boddhi Sativa - Invocation
Georgia Anne Muldrow - Seeds
There's a Riot Going On
Monophonics - In Your Brain New
What You Did
Borwnout - Oozy
I'd Cry
Quantic and Anne Russell - Look Around the Corner New
Interactive CKCU
Bill Nagle.
Neil, it's been some time since I tuned in to CKCU and I miss it! Your show (as usual) is terrific. I can't wait to hear the rest of the best of 2012. Kudos to you and the rest of This Island Earth.

1:18 PM, January 6th, 2013
I love the music on your show. You are too cool.

1:28 PM, January 6th, 2013
Bill Nagle.
I notice that Ron Steeds is no longer a contributor. Is he no longer a volunteer?

1:31 PM, January 6th, 2013
Bill: Thanks for the kind words. Ron is still a host on this show and on others. I think the list of hosts was never complete. You should make sure everyone has your contact info. There is still a need for fill ins.

1:33 PM, January 6th, 2013
Oh Anu, how you mock me. Hope my people in TO are getting better..

1:35 PM, January 6th, 2013
NOT mocking you, miss you.

2:24 PM, January 6th, 2013
Alnoor Allidina (host)
Enjoying the show. Happy new year!

2:51 PM, January 6th, 2013
Thanks Alnoor. Happy New Year to you as well. Rare group show next week, tune in to hear the whole crew!

3:28 PM, January 6th, 2013
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