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Music From The Glen
Sunday June 19th, 2016 with Colin Henein
Father's Day

Father's Day
Cherish the Ladies - At Home - RCA
Dance to your Daddy
Billy Mitchell / Bob Fox - B&B - Self
Fathers know best
Maxim Cormier - Maxim Cormier - Self
Dad's fantastic jig / Winnifred Foley's / Bruce Bowers / DF!J
Dick Hensold - Big music for Northumbrian smallpipes - Ten Thousand Lakes
My old man
Friend of Fiddlers Green - The road to Mandalay - Fallen Angle Canadian
Come me little son
Ewan MacColl / Peggy Seeger - New Briton Gazette - Smithsonian Folkways
The Father suite: George / The Happiness or otherwise of society (Jack Elliott) / The Father's song / George II
The Unthanks w/ Brighouse and Rastrick Brass Band - Diversions vol. 2 - RabbleRouser
End of Father's Day Segment
Lady in the boat / Rosin the bow / Timour the tartar
Dave Swarbrick - Swarbrick - Transatlantic
Peas, Beans and Oats
John Kirkpatrick - God speed the plough - Fledg'ling
Bean setters / Bean planting
John Kirkpatrick - God speed the plough - Fledg'ling
Willow glen
Fay Hield and the Hurricane Party - Old Adam - Soundpost
Sea song
The owl service - His pride. No spear. No friend. - Horn
Gently Johnny
The woodbine & ivy band ft. Jenny McCormick - The woodbine & ivy band - Folk Police
Cats and dogs (You seamen bold)
Eliza Carthy / Tim Eriksen - Bottle - Navigator
The longest day
Kris Drever - If wishes were horses - Reveal
Stone and struggle
Mairearad Green - Summer isles - Self
Interactive CKCU