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Music From The Glen

Music From The Glen
Sunday June 26th, 2016 with Colin Henein
Exploring Brexit through the traditional music of the British Isles

On June 23, 2016, 51.9% of the voters of the Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland elected to leave the European Union. This morning on Music from the Glen we explore this theme through the traditional music of the British Isles and beyond.
Mad Family
Fay Hield - Looking glass - Topic
You won't find me on benefit street
The Young'uns - Another man's ground - Self
For the sake of days gone by
Swan Arcade - Round again - Fellside
The untied knot / The fall / Mile marbhaisg / Air a' ghaol
Shooglenifty - The untied knot - Shoogle
Grey Gallito
Salsa Celtica - El Camino - Discos León
To a mouse
Battlefield Band - The road of tears - Temple
Island folk
Mairearad Green - Summer isles - Self
Going to the North
Kris Drever - If wishes were horses - Reveal
Soil and soul
Rowan Rheingans - Songs of Separation [VA] - Navigator
The referendum
Alasdair Fraser / Natalie Haas - Abundance - Culburnie
Outlaws and dreamers
Breabach - Astar - Self
If you want to change the world
Friends of Fiddlers Green - Old inventions - Fallen Angle Canadian
All that is gold
Grace notes - Flash company [VA] - Fellside
Hard times
Keith Murphy - Bound for Caanan - Self Canadian
The farmers and the cow
John Kirkpatrick - Make no bones - Fledg'ling
Some tyrant has stolen my true love away
Keith Kendrick - Flash company [VA] - Fellside
Sons of liberty
Nancy Kerr / James Fagan - Strands of gold - Fellside
Parcel of rogues
Écosse - The auld alliance - Self Canadian
Poor man's lamentation
Hannah James - Songs of Separation [VA] - Navigator
Interactive CKCU
Soy Latinoamérica CKCU
Very interesting the lyrics of the songs! And nice addition of the Salsa céltica song :)

12:48 PM, June 26th, 2016
Thanks, glad you enjoyed it. A lot of history, heritage and strong feeling associated with the government of the people of the UK.

1:08 PM, June 26th, 2016