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Music From The Glen
Sunday July 4th, 2010 with Gord Peeling
Old Songs Festival Performers

A showcase of performers from the recent Old Songs Festival's (June 25 to 27) 30th Anniversary. In addition to the evening concerts, the highlight of the festival is the various workshops that put diverse performers together under a particular theme and then the creative sparks fly.
Careless Love
Tim Eriksen - Every Sound Below - Appleseed
Botany Bay
Matt & Shannon Heaton - Lover's Well - self
Brian Peters - Songs of Trial & Triumph - Pugwash
The Sloe Switch
The Paul McKenna Band - Between Two Worlds - Mad River New
James Keelaghan - House of Cards - Borealis Canadian
En filant ma quenouille
Gadelle - Gadelle - self Canadian
Bicycle Wreck
Tennessee Mafia Jug Band - Poor Leroy's Almanack - self
Sir Patrick Spens
John Roberts - Sea Fever - Golden Hind
1800 and Froze to Death
Nightingale - Jolie - self
Tony Barrand & Keith Murphy - On the Banks of Coldbrook - self New
Gypsen Davey
Elizabeth Laprelle & The Fruit Dodgers - Rain & Snow - Old 97 Wrecords
The Gallows Tree
Tim Eriksen - Soul of the January Hills - Appleseed New
Valse de vieux moulin
Becky Tracy, Keith Murphy & Andy Davis - Any Jig or Reel - self
Nottingham Castle
Brian Peters - Different Tongues - Pugwash
End of profile of Old Songs Festival performers
Le 19 Decembre
Dentdelion - La tondeuse - Rues et Archets Canadian
The Poozies - Yellow Like Sunshine - Greentrax
The Musical Priest
Michael Doyle - Keeping It Traditional - self Canadian
Gabe McVarish - Eclection - Greentrax New