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Music From The Glen
Sunday July 11th, 2010 with Colin Henein

Sir Reginald
Chrissy Crowley - The departure - Self Canadian New
Is the big man within? / Tilly Finn's reel
Altàn / RTE Concert Orchestra - 25th anniversary celebration - Compass
Michael McGoldrick - Aurora - Compass
Passing Places
Mairearad Green - Passing Places - Self New
June / Dancing upstairs
Brian Pickell - Friday night in town - Self Canadian New
Mwmpwy Portheinon / Breuddwyd y Wrach / Pibddawns Owen Huw
Allan Yn Y Fan w/ Delyth Jenkins - Another place - Steam Pie New
Calling on song
The demon barbers - Captain Ward - Self New
Tricky Dicky / Liberation polka
English Rebellion - Four across - Wild goose New
Space girl
The imagined village - Empire and love - ECC New
Upstart / Platform 2
The urban folk quartet - The urban folk quartet - Fellside New
The doffin mistress
Marianne Green - Dear Irish boy - Self New
King of the pipers / Phil's favourite
Andy May - The yellow haired laddie - Fellside
La Golondrina
The chieftains / Ry Cooder - San Patricio - Blackrock New
Brown Girl
Keith Murphy - Bound for Canaan - Self Canadian
May to Midsummer
Issy & David Emeney - The Waiting - Wild goose New
Malteser Madness
Mairearad Green / Anna Massie - Mairearad & Anna - Self New