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Music From The Glen

Music From The Glen
Sunday September 6th, 2009 with Colin Henein
Labour day

I lost my heart on Friday
Lauren MacColl - Strewn with ribbons - Self New
Trip to Blackpool / John Lewis' / The old forge
Líadan - Turning the tide - Self New
He was under my window
Askews / Craig Morgan Robson - The Axford five - Wild goose New
Cheshire rolling hornpipe
Crowfoot - Footpath - Self Canadian
La poole quadrill / The recruiting officer
Mary Humphreys / Anahata - Cold fen - Wild goose New
Time out
Vicki Swan / Jonny Dyer - Gleowien - Wild goose New
Start Labour Day songs
Midlothian mining song
2duos - Until the cows come home - Artes New
Roger Watson - Past and present - Wild goose New
One miner's life
Bob Fox - The blast - Topic
Oxplough Song
Johnny Collins - The best of the early years - Fellside
The lumberjack's lesson
Freshwater Trade - Well-remembered shore - Self
Farmer's boy
Ian Robb - From different angels - Fallen Angle
Les tisserands
Genticorum - Malins Plaisirs - Roues et Archets Canadian
Harvest Gypsies
Kris Drever - Black water - Reveal
End of Labour Day songs
Faites-moi un homme sans tête / Reel Bergerville
Galant, tu perds ton temps - II - La tribu Canadian New
Flying fishes
Nick Wyke / Becki Driscoll - Beneath the black tree - Self New
The snow reel / Hickey's / Miss Lucie
Blackwater - The black river bridge - Self New
Back of the moon - Luminosity - Foot stompin
Pastures of plenty
Solas - Reunion - Compass