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Music From The Glen
Sunday September 13th, 2009 with Gord Peeling

Primrose Polka
Maeve Donnelly - Flame on the Banks - self
Bruton Town
Bellowhead - Matachin - Navigator
Gulliver's Spree
Gulliver's Spree - The Sunny Long Ago - self Canadian
The Masters Return
Dervish - Travelling Show - Whirling Discs
10,000 Miles Away
Rik Barron - Bound for the Ice - self Canadian
The New Irish Barndance
Dennis Alexander - Tunes of Choice - self Canadian
O'Reilly From Aithcarne
Athena Tergis - A Letter Home - Compass
Young Man's Wish
Wheeler Street - Roo Dum Dah - Stump Nugget
Barbara Allen
Mary McPartlan - Petticoat Loose - Mac P
John Barleycorn
Crowfoot - Footpath - Lunar Canoe Canadian
Crowfoot - As the Crow Flies - Lunar Canoe Canadian
Winter's Night
Crowfoot - Footpath - Lunar Canoe Canadian
Leaving Brittany for Ireland
Dan Ar Bras - Irish Reels, Jigs, Hornpipes & Airs (var) - SGGW New
Duane Eddy
Harem Scarem - Storm in a Teacup - Vertical
Mna Na hEireann
Davey Graham - Dance for Two People - SGGW New
Fanny Blair
Jim Moray - Low Culture - NIAG
Madonna Groove
Sharon Shannon - Renegade - Daisy
The Broomfield Hill
Malinky - Flower & Iron - Mad River
Banjo Branch Fiddle
Ian Hardie - Westringing - self