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Music From The Glen

Music From The Glen
Sunday August 23rd, 2009 with Colin Henein

Vicki Swan / Jonny Dyer - Gleowien - Wildgoose New
Benjamin Bowmaneer
Nick Wyke & Becki Driscoll - Beneath the black tree - Self New
Linnen Hall / The Fantiocini
Roger Watson - Past and Present - Wildgoose New
There is an alehouse
Mary Humphreys / Anahata - Cold Fen - Wildgoose New
The gypsy laddie
Askew Sisters / Craig, Morgan, Robson - The Axford Five - Wildgoose New
Visions of our youth
Roy Bailey - Below the radar - Self New
Julia Delaney / Tam Lin / The banshee
Old Sod Band - Grass roots - Fallen Angle Canadian
Limerick Polka Set
Líadan - Turning the tide - Self New
Quadrille de Beauharnois / Reel américain / Reel de Bergeville / Reel du bonhomme
Tidal Wave - Tidal Wave - Great Meadow Canadian
Waiting for the lark
Fiona Kelleher - My love lies - Self New
La p'tite Anglaise
Christian Laurence - Christal - Self Canadian
If he's gone let him go
Shelley Posen - The old song's home - Well done Canadian
Silver in the crate / Charlie Hunter's Jig / Eddy Poirier's Reel / Shanna's Reel
Alison Lupton - Fly like swallows - Self Canadian
2duos - Until the cows come home - Self New
Donald McGillivray
Silly Wizard - So many partings - Shanachie
The hut on Staffin Island
Relativity - Relativity - Green Linnet
Happy Hours
Lauren MacColl - Strewn with ribbons - Self New
Crucked reels
Uiscedwr - Fish cat door - Self New