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Vintage Love
Saturday May 25th, 2019 with O'shea Adagio
No Worse For Where (OOSOOM)

Man oh man.... somethin' got me this week. Yep that is sicky me on air tonight... if you didn't catch that stuffy, altered voice. Anyway, as they say in show biz... "the show must go on". So trying to do that here tonight. I hope it works out. So tryin' a ting here tonight... something of a throwback to old Caribbean Soul music. Someone said to me.. those tunes... you would hear on the radio on Sundays... ahh memories of sweet days gone by. So in an attempt to continue as we are always doing... "Playing With Those Memories Again", we feature the soulful side of the Caribbean. Featuring artists such as Sparrow, Ernie Smith, George Banton, Tim Chandell, Judy Boucher, Carlene Davis, Sonya Spence, Pat Kelly and some Jackie Opel for you on this cooled out version of the Vintage Love show. Thank you for all the offers of RN's, ICUN's, LPN's, ORN's and whatever else was happening... over... there... ya.. read and you will see what I mean on the IM. Anyway, to all the real or figment of my imagination N's, thank you for all the night nurse offers to help bring me back to health... some more interesting that others but that's another story in a different book right Jerry?!?! Plutonium by accident!!! haha Again, thank you all for your care and concern it buoys my spirits but nothing compares to a true loves nursing skills. So of all the N's.. I need a LOARN!! (figure that one out!!) haha There might be a prize in it for ya if you do. ;-) Anyway, thank you for tuning in tonight and my apologies for the voice.. I flirted with not hosting the show as I felt horrible but on Sat. I began to feel a tad better so I ventured to play for you. You can leave comments on the IM or you can email me or the station and let your thoughts, good or bad, about Vintage Love be known. You can email me at: info<at> The stations complete list of contact information is available on our website: Wishing you a great remainder of the weekend and a good week over all. Please join me again next week for another musical ride to close out your Saturday, exclusively here on The Mighty 93, CKCU FM and everywhere at: Wishing you the best of all things, including the best of love where you hopefully don't suffer from the "Out Of Sight Out Of Mind" Syndrome. Take care and see you next Saturday night at 10pmEST. Good night. God bless and thank you to all my nurses. ;-) O'shea Adagio Vintage Love "Playing With Those Memories Again" vintagelove CKCU 93.1FM
Ranglin On Bond Street
Bitty McLean And The Supersonics - -
Put Your Trust In Jah
Glen Ricketts - - Canadian
In This Together
Luciano Feat. Louie Culture & T Fabulous - -
Only A Fool
Sparrow - -
Love Me Tender
Ken Lazarus - -
My Way
Sparrow & Dragon - -
To You I Send My Love
Judy Boucher - -
The Fish And The Alley Of Destruction
Johnny Nash - -
Time To Cry
Jackie Opel - -
Talk To Me
Eddie Lovette - -
You Are My Everything
Pat Kelly - -
Ten Thousand Kisses
Jackie Edwards - -
Misty Blue
Boris Gardiner - -
Sunday Morning Coming Down
Ernie Smith - -
What Can I Do (The Wedding Song)
Derrick Harriott - -
You've Got A Way
Shania Twain - - Canadian
I (Who Have Nothing)
Luther Vandross (Duet with Martha Wash) - -
For All We Know
Ruben Studdard - -
How Could I Let You Get Away
George Banton - - Canadian
Damn Him
Sonya Spence - -
I Love You Because
Tim Chandell - -
Like Old Friends Do
Carlene Davis - -
Sharing The Night Together
Funky Brown - -
High Tide Or Low Tide
Bob Marley & The Wailers - -
Paradise For Fools
Boris Gardiner - -
Interactive CKCU
O'shea Adagio (host)
Thank you for tuning into Vintage Love tonight.. I suspect most are watching and cheering for the Rapts but still here we are. Go Raptors Go!!! I hope you enjoy the show tonight or On Demand later on. haha :-)

10:03 PM, May 25th, 2019
The real Sharon
Watching the game, cheering for the Raptors and with VL on my mind. Play me something nice for when I tune in On Demand later.

10:17 PM, May 25th, 2019
O'shea Adagio (host)
Good evening TR Sharon. I figured the nation is tuned into the game. No updates please!!! Sure... will play song to enjoy later on On Demand. So glad that we have this feature. Enjoy the game. :-)

10:19 PM, May 25th, 2019
VL Fan
Love Luciano! Will you be giving away tickets for his concert on June 14th. We would love if you are able to.

10:23 PM, May 25th, 2019
I like the tunes O’Shea

10:25 PM, May 25th, 2019
O'shea Adagio (host)
Not sure about giving away tickets... will probably find out closer to the show date. But if we can... we surely will. Stay tuned!! :-)

10:26 PM, May 25th, 2019
O'shea Adagio (host)
Thanks Shubham.. always aiming to please.

10:26 PM, May 25th, 2019
Loving these vintage Caribbean classics! Timeless tunes!

10:33 PM, May 25th, 2019
Night Nurse.
Music Doctor, O'Shea, you have a cold, or it's just allergies? Let me know if you need a nurse tonight to rub your back, ...give you a massaget, .....rock you to sleep. Just say the word "Nurse", .....and I'll be there!

10:40 PM, May 25th, 2019
O'shea Adagio (host)
No... somethin' got me.. unfortunately... so now fightin' the good fight. Glad to be here still but not 100%. Actually, other than lime and honey concoctions... any other magical healing drinks, teas or the like? I would certainly take those suggestions.

10:43 PM, May 25th, 2019
His Full Time RN
It’s not allergies....and he’ll be in good care! 💕

10:45 PM, May 25th, 2019
O'shea Adagio (host)
Night Nurse!! Niiiigggghhhtttt Nuurrrssse. (echoes in the wilderness) haha

10:51 PM, May 25th, 2019
O'shea Adagio (host)
No.. no allergies. I have fallen to a bug. :-( But survivin for now.

10:54 PM, May 25th, 2019
Night Nurse
Ok Ms. RN, .....I hear you. But if you need a night-off from your usual duties. Just dial 613-Nit-Nurs

10:59 PM, May 25th, 2019
Night Nurse
Also, I can hear O'Shea calling out for me. Not to worry O'Shea Honey!! I'll be there in a jiffy!

11:03 PM, May 25th, 2019
Great suggestion NN... or maybe he’d prefer us doing double duty to get him better twice as quick!?! Lol

11:08 PM, May 25th, 2019
O'Shea, would you like both of us to take care of you tonight? Just say the words "Nurse x 2"

11:13 PM, May 25th, 2019
O'shea Adagio (host)
Rare Luther for you.

11:21 PM, May 25th, 2019
O'shea Adagio (host)
Nurse x 3

11:22 PM, May 25th, 2019
Seductive Tunes!
Love Luther. Such a voice!

11:24 PM, May 25th, 2019
Ha ha ha! :-) Nurse x 3

11:25 PM, May 25th, 2019
O'shea Adagio (host)
Hey.. this bug is a tough one requiring the biggest fight!! ;-)

11:27 PM, May 25th, 2019
What songs are playing

11:29 PM, May 25th, 2019
Nurse and Dietician
O'Shea, are you eating your veggies:- spinach, callaloo, okra, tomatoes, and carrots. Also your fruits:- blueberries, strawberries Some healthy caribbean food:- Cow foot stew, Fish soup, beef stew with red peas. Let me know if you want me to be your personal dietician and chef, so I can build up your immune system! You need a lady in your kitchen. Someone like me.

11:33 PM, May 25th, 2019
O'shea Adagio (host)
Wow.. that would be nice.. but... I cant stand.. I cant stand Okra. Yuck!!! That just turned my stomach more than this bug... Okra.... blah! (no disrespect to Okra lovers).

11:35 PM, May 25th, 2019
Scroll up!
Shubham, the playlist is right on this page.

11:37 PM, May 25th, 2019
O'Shea, that is why you are getting the cold, because you are not eating these nutrient-packed fruits and veggies. Try okra in soup. It is very good for you. But if you really don't like it, then make sure to buy more spinach, ......and blueberries. Salmon, fish soup. (I'm coming over to cook for you!)

11:47 PM, May 25th, 2019
O'shea Adagio (host)
Ya mean grilled cheese sandwiches wont help make me better??

11:49 PM, May 25th, 2019
:-) :-)
Definitely Not! Only foods/fruits filled with nutrients will suffice. -------- Great Show O'Shea! You are a real Trooper! You defy the odds! Have a restful weekend! Let me know if Ms. RN don't show up for her shift tonight. I can be there in a jiffy.

12:00 AM, May 26th, 2019
O'shea Adagio (host)
Thanks for tuning in.. and for all the "nursing" offers. Have a good night one and all. ;-)

12:00 AM, May 26th, 2019
Just for you!
Ha ha! "Nursing" offers. My offer is available to you at anytime, just let know.

12:30 AM, May 26th, 2019
Nobody Knows
I totally got the LOARN. Takes one to read one I guess.... and I am she! Loving O’Shea Adagio Registered Nurse I shall humbly await my prize and hopefully not in vain!

5:04 PM, May 28th, 2019
O'shea Adagio (host)
Ohhh... sooo close but no cigar! Excellent try though. But unfortunately not correct. Thank you for your attempt. :-)

1:07 PM, May 29th, 2019
LOVE O’Shea Adagio Really Needs

2:21 PM, May 29th, 2019
Licensed O’Shea Adagio Registered Nurse .... prize please!? P.S. You’re good enough....

8:33 PM, May 29th, 2019
O'shea Adagio (host)
Sorry Mandy... a good guess but unfortunately not the one.

11:10 AM, May 30th, 2019
O'shea Adagio (host)
NK... you are correct however you didnt pose the answer in the form of a question. awwww :-( just kidding. Yep that is it! Good for you. Now how do you claim the prize? You will need to email: osheaadagio<at> in order to divulge your identity and answer a skill testing question etc. Thank you for playing. :-)

1:59 PM, May 30th, 2019