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The Guest List
Thursday March 21st, 2024 with Joe Reilly
Interviews with John Allaire and Adrian Sutherland

To open the show we check in with Ottawa musician John Allaire. We talk about his upcoming Great Friday show at Irene's (March 29th) to mark his 3,000th performance! And he can prove that it's 3,000 in case you were wondering! We talk about his early days with the Town Cryers - the first indie band in Canada to release a CD... whatever that is.... back in 1989. We talk about how his songwriting has evolved over the years and we play music from different stages of his recording career. We also hear about the big concert planned for March 29th at Irene's and some special guests (think Randypeters) who will be appearing with him on that night. It' going to be a party... so see you there. For more information about the concert: For more information about John Allaire: We also hear from Adrian Sutherland. The Indigenous artist from Attawapiskat has just released a brand new album called Precious Diamonds and will be performing on the Fourth Stage of the National Arts Centre on Friday night (March 22nd.) We talk about the powerful song Boogeyman, which explores the abuse Indigenous children suffered in residential schools. We also talk about the powerful, uplifting themes he draws on for other songs on this new album that was produced by Colin LInden. For more information about Adrian Sutherland: For tickets to see Adrian Sutherland at the National Arts Centre on March 22: Thanks for listening to the Guest List today. Get out and see some live music if you can and support independent music in any way that you can.
Mount St. Helen's
The Town Cryers - Surprise Surprise Canadian
John Allaire - Up Hill ... Both Ways Canadian
Your Direction
John Allaire and the Fi-Delities - Paint It All In Blue Canadian
Adrian Sutherland - Precious Diamonds Canadian New
Feeling Of Love
Adrian Sutherland - Precious Diamonds Canadian New
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