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Thursday January 5th, 2023 with Joe Reilly
We talk to Scanner (Robin Rimbaud) about four albums of new music he released in 2022

Today we reconnect with Robin Rimbaud - an artist from England who records electronic music under the name Scanner. He is a very busy and diverse artist as reflected in the four albums of new material he released in 2022. That is the focus of the program today, but you may also be interested to know that Scanner has a subscription service/fan club through Bandcamp. If you subscribe you get access to a lot of great archived material from Scanner's catalogue of work and you get monthly releases of "new"/old work that he has polished up to share with his subscribers. I highly recommend it if you're a fan of this kind of music. We start with the album The Homeland of Electricity and Robin tells us how this truly "solo" album was partly inspired by the work of Ukrainian film director Laris Sheptiko. Then we talk about an amazing project that Robin got involved with called Listening Forest. He created music for a massive, outdoor installation in a forest in Bentonville, Arkansas at the Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art. The installation was created by Mexican artist Rafael Lozano-Hemmer (who now lives in Montreal!) You have to see this to believe it so check out the links below and enjoy the sensational music from the installation. Next we talk about an album that Scanner put together with Polish composer Olga Wojciechowska (who records under the name Strië), called Struktura Revisited. Robin explains how he and Olga worked to reissue her popular album with Scanner doing a re-interpretation of each piece. You can compare the pieces on the album, which is available here. As Robin explains he plays with the titles of the pieces as well. Finally, we talk about the album Loess which Robin produced with Frans De Waard (Modelbau.) This album grew out of the discovery that they both owned Fostex 280 four-track tape machines so they created this musical conversation, where works were recorded in isolation, Rimbaud in the UK, De Waard in The Netherlands and France. The cassette tapes were then exchanged using the mail service and subsequently worked on by the other artist. Neither could anticipate how the other might respond and thus Loess was born. A lot of musical ground is covered on the show today. Feel free to explore more of this amazing music using the links provided here. Take care. I hope you have a great 2023. And remember to support independent music in any way that you can.
You and Me
Scanner - The Homeland of Electricity - DIN (on Bandcamp)
Another Aircraft (excerpt)
Scanner - The Homeland of Electricity - DIN (on Bandcamp)
Scanner - The Homeland of Electricity - DIN (on Bandcamp)
Scanner - Listening Forest - Indie (on Bandcamp)
The Village (excerpt)
Scanner - Listening Forest - Indie (on Bandcamp)
Thorns Thoughts
Scanner - Listening Forest - Indie (on Bandcamp)
Untitled 1956
Strië & Scanner - Struktura Revisited - A Strangely Isolated Place
Strië & Scanner - Struktura Revisited - A Strangely Isolate Place
For the FM broadcast I had to edit these two pieces from Struktura Revisited to fit into the 60 minute format of the Guest List. You can hear the full pieces if you listen to the On Demand version of the program.
As well, I had to fade out Weathered Rock to end the program on time, but you can hear the entire piece by listening to the On Demand version.
Weathered Rock
Scanner & Modelbau - Loess - Moving Furniture Records New
Interactive CKCU
David Dalle
The closing music (Thorns Thoughts) is the best. As it should be. This sells the album for me. I shall look it up.

5:38 PM, January 5th, 2023