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Thursday November 17th, 2022 with Joe Reilly
Interviews with Country Club Pool Boy, Slo' Tom (Stewart) and Dear Rouge

If you missed your opportunity to donate to CKCU's annual public funding drive, you can still do so by clicking on the Donate button on CKCU's webpage. We are well short of our goal for this year's drive, so if you enjoy listening to interviews and getting turned on to new music or getting information about great, upcoming concerts then please consider making a donation and selecting this program, the Guest List, from the program dropdown menu when you make that donation. Remember, we are a registered charity and for every donation of $20 or more you will receive a tax receipt that you can use to save money on your federal and provincial taxes. And remember you are helping us to pay our bills so we can continue to broadcast into the future. We open the show talking to Kieran Isley of the local funk-soul outfit Country Club Pool Boy and Catalyst Combs who brings his vocals to the group's latest single Sly Face. Kieran explains how the core quartet lays down groovy, soulful and funky vibes and then works with a variety of local singers and rappers creating songs. He also explains how this will work when the group performs live on the weekend. Country Club Pool Boy performs at Club SAW on Saturday, November 19th. Catalyst Combs explains how he works with the group and how the song Sly Face came together. It's always a pleasure to check in with my long time friend on the local music scene, Slo' Tom to hear what he's up to and to hear his take on what's happening in local music. Today Tom talks to us about how he's doing as he returns to playing shows and he lets us know about some upcoming gigs, notably his big Christmas show on December 10th at Irene's on Bank Street. It sounds like it will be a blast with lots of great guests. Thanks also to Tom for his thoughtful advocacy for CKCU's public funding drive. Tom understands the importance of community-based broadcasters and the support they provide to local, independent artists... so he's a big fan of us here at CKCU. Finally, we talk to Danielle McTaggart, the powerful voice of Vancouver's Dear Rouge. The group is preparing for a major Canadian tour for the first time in many years, and looking forward to a concert at the Bronson Centre on Wednesday, November 23rd. Danielle talks to us about the powerful message behind their song Facedown and the beautiful, empathetic song Life Goes By and I Can't Keep Up - which was co-written with Broken Social Scene's Brendan Canning. Danielle was talking to us from Portland where she was picking up a van for this national tour, and unfortunately her digital link was intermittent and some of her words drop out during the interview. The overall ideas she is expressing come through despite the word drops, so hopefully you can be patient with those issues and enjoy this interview. Thanks for listening and get out to see some live music if you can! Stay safe and consider wearing a mask!
Sly Face
Country Club Pool Boy with Catalyst Combs - Sly Face (single) Canadian New
Nepotism Baby
Country Club Pool Boy with Jason Daniels - Nepotism Baby (single) Canadian
Down In A Government Town
Slo Tom and the Handsome Devils - Down In A Government Town Canadian
It's A Condo Now
Slot Tom and the Handsome Devils - Down In A Government Town Canadian
Dear Rouge - Spirit Canadian
Life Goes By And I Can't Keep Up
Dear Rouge - Spirit Canadian
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