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The Guest List
Thursday November 10th, 2022 with Joe Reilly
Interviews with Tin Constellations, The Blue Stones and Loon Town - all groups appearing in Ottawa this weekend

On this second Funding Drive edition of the Guest List, we talk to members of three groups that will be performing in Ottawa this weekend. If you enjoy these interviews and the Guest List or just enjoy CKCU-FM in general, please consider making a donation to our annual public funding drive by using the DONATE option at the top of this page. All donations are tax deductible (we will issue a tax receipt for donations of $20 or more) and go into our operating budget to help pay the bills to keep CKCU on the air - and this includes things like electricity (lots of it); rental fees to Carleton University; rental fees for our transmitter space on the Camp Fortune Tower; maintenance fees; wages for our over-worked and under-paid management team; etc. First up we talk to Rob Snasdell-Taylor and Brent Smith of the Ottawa-based group Tin Constellations. The group is wrapping up recording with Dave Draves at his Little Bullhorn Studio and shares two songs from their forthcoming release on the show today. We talk to Rob and Brent about their powerful song Civil Disobedience (timely for CUPE workers out there who have been standing up to Doug Ford and Stephen Lecce and the government of Ontario) and their folk-pop approach to making music. They also tell us about what will be happening at their concert on Friday night (Nov. 11) at Club SAW which will include lots of interesting visuals and a set by another local group Lives Like Skyscrapers. Then we talk to Justin Tessier. Justin is one half of the powerful duo The Blue Stones. Justin plays the drums and his bandmate Tarek Jaffer plays guitar and sings. The group is performing at the Bronson Centre on Saturday night (Nov. 12th) and Justin tells us about the strong connection he has with Tarek and how they work together on stage to create really dynamic music. He also talks about some of the ideas being explored on the songs we feature from their fresh album Pretty Monster, and how the band enjoys exploring and creating music that includes elements of very broad influences they both bring to the creative table. Finally we talk to all of the members of the folk-pop group Loon Town. They have just released a new album called Slow Space and they explain how there is an interesting community concept behind this album that links the songs, the graphics and some videos created for the recording. They also tell us about how they create this textured music working together and with some guest musicians. You can see Loon Town on Saturday night - with Ottawa's own Loon Choir - at the intimate performance space at the Happy Goat Coffee Shop on Laurel Street. (That's not far from where Bayswater meets Gladstone.) I think I may mistakenly say that Slow Space is Loon Town's debut album but it appears to be album number two based on what I can find on Bandcamp. Sorry about that one! Thanks for listening. Get out and see some live music if you can. Support independent music any way that you can. And support CKCU-FM's annual public funding drive if you can. Thanks to everyone who has donated and will donate. The support is appreciated.
Civil Disobedience
Tin Constellations - Civil Disobedience (single) Canadian New
Clifton Hill
Tin Constellations - Clifton Hill (single) Canadian New
Don't Miss
The Blue Stones - Monster Canadian New
What's It Take To Be Happy
The Blue Stones - Monster Canadian New
Doesn't Matter
Loon Town - Slow Space Canadian New
Going Away Party
Loon Town - Slow Space Canadian New
Interactive CKCU
Thanks Joe for hosting the Guest List and keeping everyone up to date on bands coming to town and all those wonderful interviews 👏👏👏

5:33 PM, November 10th, 2022
Joe Reilly (host)
Thanks for the compliment Wally. It is my pleasure to put this show together every week.

8:41 PM, November 10th, 2022