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Top albums: Aug 14 – Aug 20, 2023

Position  Artist  Album  Label   
1 Selwyn Birchwood Exorcist Alligator Records, L.L.C.  
2 Lisa O'Neill All Of This Is Chance    
3 DoomDaWiz Single    
4 Pete Shredz Liquid Alchemy 7   Canadian
5 Pryda The Return/Of Me Pryda Recordings  
6 RICK WHITE 20 Golden Hits of the 60's (Digital only) 2023, self-released Canadian
7 TEKE::TEKE Hagata 2023, Kill Rock Stars Canadian
8 Vic Monroe Single    
= Canadian content New = New release

Top 10 broadcasts heard on-demand

Position  Show  Host  Highlight 
1 Stranger Songs Mike Regenstreif Remembering Tony Bennett (1926-2023)
2 Night Shift Sam Smalley Shift #17: Drum and bass, trance, atmospheric, melodic, prog!
3 The Deep Blue Jon Degan Sun Never Sets - Summer Progressive
4 Saturday Morning Pat Moore The last dance... until we meet again
5 Friday Drive Trevor Walker [DubSoulFunkEcclectathon]
6 The Groove VH3 summer dream
7 Renny's Riot Rarin' Renny THE WORLD'S OLDEST TEENAGER: Reclaiming my title with songs about teenagers, trains, "motor sickles" and Who covers. Jazz & Western Swing from the dirty Thirties, to the new whamma blamma of today. 89 years of great music.
8 Friday Nite Truck Stop Ray Harris 18 “Guitar” songs in a row! Robbie Robertson tribute! Elvis! More!
9 Reggae In The Fields Junior Smith Tribute to Marcus Garvey, Recent Releases, Celebrating Jamaica 61
10 This Island Earth Neil Bakshi