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Top albums: Aug 18 – Aug 24, 2014

Position  Artist  Album  Label   
1 Deadlock The Re-Arrival    
2 Lynne Hanson River of Sand   Canadian
3 Bebel Gilberto Tudo Sony 2014  
4 Catherine MacLellan The Raven's Sun   Canadian
5 Grace Hrabi Afraid of Heights Self-Produced Canadian
6 Obliterate Obliterate   Canadian
7 Through Lucid Eyes Through Lucid Eyes   Canadian
8 Armageddon Captivity & Devourment    
9 Godsmack 1000hp    
10 Harbors Ports, Piers & Promenades   Canadian
12 A Scar For The Wicked The Necrobutcher   Canadian
13 Andy Line & Munenori Unreleased RockRiver  
14 Jack White Lazaretto    
15 Melvin & Klein Unreleased Unreleased  
16 Reigning Sound Shattered Merge (2014)  
= Canadian content New = New release

Top 10 broadcasts heard on-demand

Position  Show  Host  Highlight 
1 The Groove ELORIOUS CAIN ORIGINAL UNDERGROUND ACRONYM : H.O.U.S.E. = Homosexuals Of Unusual Sexual Experiences!
2 Cool Cuts Chris Sharp Musicians native to,or based in New York City in the 60's and 70's.
3 Tinig Pinoy Dj Regina Sosing And Tech Producer Gerry Orcia ANCOP Walk Fund Drive
4 Friday Morning Cartunes John Westhaver there may well be no light at the end of the tunnel....
5 Drunken Master Review The Drunken Master
6 Bew Cocky Salsa the Staples & DJ TnA Songs of the Summer
7 Vintage Love O'shea Adagio Brunch In Bed
8 Thursday Special Blend David Yazbeck
9 Wednesday Special Blend tic Old Stereo, Terry's CAUSE
10 Canadian Spaces Arthur McGregor and Chris White Cheryl Ann, Elizabeth Riley Band, Catherine MacLellan