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Wed Mar 22 Thu Mar 23 Fri Mar 24 Sat Mar 25 Sun Mar 26 Mon Mar 27 Tue Mar 28 Wed Mar 29
12:00 AM  Genesis Now with Siena DK
Interviewing the Interviewee of Peter Mansbridge, and Music of course.
5:00 AM  Sunrise Drift with Rosh
Show #44: SOCAN Shoegaze Extravaganza!
7:00 AM  Wednesday Special Blend with tic
Lynne Hanson
9:30 AM  CKCU Literary News with Hans G. Ruprecht
Zachary Richard /​ VERS FEST Ottawa
10:00 AM  The Passionate Friar with Phelonius Friar
Rebroadcast of interviews with education innovator Ian Blokland and science fiction writer Lisa Toohey (music spotlights on Tomáš Dvořák, and Computer Magic, aka Danz)
11:00 AM  In Tune with Owen & Zoe
With Against Me! (Laura Jane Grace)
1:30 PM  Both Kinds Of Music with Dick Altavista
Hail Chuck Berry
3:30 PM  Pure Radio Kaos with Doug Bird
4:30 PM  Remote Planet with D. Altavista
Spring is Here! B-r-r-r-r-r-r!
5:00 PM  The Upstairs Neighbour with Neal
So Can U See Kay Si Vous?
6:00 PM  Asian Sounds with Jagjeet and Surinder Sharma
Historical places to visit and Bollywood music and highlights
7:00 PM  Punto De Encuentro with Sonia
Día Mundial del Agua.
8:00 PM  Roots and Rhythms with Lloyd Smiley
Chuck Berry & His Influential Influences: Tribute.
9:00 PM  In A Mellow Tone with Jim Reil
More Found Treasures
11:00 PM  Rabble Without A Cause with Bernard Stepien
European Free Jazz stars improvise together