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Show Date:
Sun Feb 19 Mon Feb 20 Tue Feb 21 Wed Feb 22 Thu Feb 23 Fri Feb 24 Sat Feb 25 Sun Feb 26
2:00 AM  Things Behind The Sun with Matija Stojanovic
7:00 AM  Gospel Express with Picasso
8:00 AM  Over My Head with David Leibold
9:00 AM  Aboriginal CKCU with Brittany Mathews & Gabrielle Fayant
10:00 AM  An Indian Morning with Dr. Harsha V. Dehejia and Kishore "Kish" Sampat
The first 30 minutes of the program features classical, religious as well as regional and popular music. The second one hour features community announcements and ear pleasing music from old/​new & popular Indian films.
11:30 AM  Music From The Glen with Colin Henein
1:00 PM  This Island Earth with Rob Bitschofsky
Crate digging!