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12:00 AM  The Deep Blue with VH3 && Jon Degan
2:00 AM  Results May Vary with Arjun
Today's episode....
7:00 AM  Saturday Morning with Alan Surmachynski
Spring, eh.
10:00 AM  Canadian Spaces with Mike Regenstreif and Chris White
Brooklyn Doran, Gillian Nicola, Ray Montford, Hannah Shira Naiman, Arnie Naiman, Lynne Hanson
12:00 PM  The Back 40 with Ron Moores
New Releases
1:00 PM  The Groove with ELORIOUS CAIN
3:00 PM  Reggae In The Fields with Junior Smith
March 2017 Reggae riddims month continues. Join me to experience these classic gems. INTERVIEW with DMEDZ.
5:30 PM  Spirit Of Vietnam with QD Nong
6:00 PM  Steve Kirkland with Steve Kirkland
So, can... you feel it?
8:00 PM  Heavy Friends with DJ Ben & Oddball
Electronic Sounds From Canada Part I - Are Heavy Friends Electric?
10:00 PM  Vintage Love with O'shea Adagio
Apparently Not