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12:00 AM  Morning Metal with Rockso
Browsing Spotify... For the First Time
2:00 AM  Lost In Bass with T-23
Episode 91: Music.Art.PPL presents THRID SON (UK), CARLBEATS, EXXEL M, & ALUKKA
7:00 AM  Tuesday Special Blend with Adam Coombs
The best of 2007 and Arboretum Fest Preview
9:00 AM  Welcome To My World with Kim Kilpatrick and Shelley Ann Morris
Our summer student comes for a visit
10:00 AM  Mar's Local Connection with Martha Walsh
Arboretum Music Festival - August 18-20, Rideau Pines Farm Barnstorm Music Festival - August 26th, Finch, Ontario
11:00 AM  The Take-Over with SAW
Oh, My Goodness!
12:00 PM  OPIRG Roots Radio with DJ Morpheus,
Exposing the Prison-Industrial Complex. Discussing alternatives to prisons such as transformative justice
2:00 PM  Nothing To See Hear with Raucous Renny
On today's program: a set of rockabilly, some blues, a few train songs, a pinch of whamma blamma and a couple of Sixties garage rockers.
3:00 PM  Cosmic Tones with Zach Baird
In the Sea of Tranquility
4:00 PM  Friends with Benefits with Tonya Price
Barnstorm and Bodywash
8:00 PM  Alan Surmachynski with David Leibold
filling in this week
10:00 PM  Hammer Smashed Radio with Charlie
11:00 PM  What's The Frequency? with Kevin O'Meara
Dreampop & Shoegaze (1995-1998)