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Rabble Without A Cause
Wednesday April 12th, 2017 with David Broscoe
Selections from the Winter Concert Season

Emerging from the winter and looking to spring, selections from recordings acquired at winter concerts: Harris Eisenstadt: Guewel 2008 - Four wind players and a drummer play Senegalese music Cor Fuhler/Jim Denley: Truancy 2013 - prepared piano and prepared sax, not sounding like what you might expect from either instrument Anthony Braxton/Gerry Hemingway: Old Dogs 2007 - extended improvisations from two long time associates
Harris Eisenstadt - Guewel - clean feed Canadian
Dee Moo Woor
Orchestra Baobab - Specialist in All Styles - World Circuit/Nonesuch
Cor Fuhler/Jim Denley - Truancy - splitrec
Invention 8207AM
Anthony Braxton/Gerry Hemingway - Old Dogs (2007) - mode AVANT
Interactive CKCU