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Rabble Without A Cause
Wednesday November 9th, 2016 with Bernard Stepien
Ellery Eskelin Solo Live At Snugs 2013

Born into Post-Bop, saxophonist Ellery Eskelin has an old fashioned tenor sound as my friend Tim Bedner would say… However, stylistically he evolved into complex music especially with his trio that includes accordionist Andrea Parkins and busy drummer Jim Black often described as the lumber jack of drumming at least in France where this group tours extensively. Three weeks ago I came across a stunning solo tenor Hatology CD where Eskelin poses the problematic up front in the liner notes: “What is a piece of music? What is a phrase ? can a saxophone be a string quartet, can it be an Orchestra?”. Well, tonight we will try to answer all of these questions by listening to the 4 tracks that could address each of these questions. This coming Sunday, my friend David Broscoe is performing at IMOO (see listings below). He is strongly influenced by Ellery Eskelin and even introduced him to me a decade or so ago. Since then I became a big fan of Eskelin which I nurture by attending any of his concerts I come across in France where I spend lots of time. Attending this IMOO concert will provide you with the unique opportunity to see influences at work and of course beyond…
tuning a phrase
Ellery Eskelin - solo live at snugs - hatology
state of mind
Ellery Eskelin - solo live at snugs - hatology
unwritten rule
Ellery Eskelin - solo live at snugs - hatology
weave warp and woof
Ellery Eskelin - solo live at snugs - hatology
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