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Rabble Without A Cause
Wednesday April 30th, 2014 with Bernard Stepien
Celebrating Improvising Musicians of Ottawa/Outaouais 100th

Today is a special day. It is International Jazz Day. This means that Jazz, this 100 year old music has made it in the body of United Nations. Initially an American music, Jazz has been adopted by all kinds of nations around the world. Europe was one of the first zone to incorporate Jazz in its own culture, but other countries having very strong traditional cultures of their own. At noon, Canada’s Jazz Hero Roddy Ellias has been invited by the National Arts Council of Canada to celebrate Jazz day by performing compositions of composers from around the world. This is taking place at 140 Elgin street in Ottawa. Coinciding with this celebration is another celebration by IMOO, this organization founded and led by two fine Jazz avant-garde musicians, Craig Pedersen and Linsey Wellman. Over the last three years, they managed to organize 100 concerts of improvised music using a well-oiled network of local, national and even international improvising musicians. This coming Sunday, IMOO has put together a program of local improvisers in different configurations. Tonight, local musician and supporter of IMOO, guitarist David Jackson will be in the studio to review IMOO’s three years achievements in exposing the public to improvised music at low cost and enabling local musicians to present their works. Missed last week’s RWAC show featuring the iconic Art Ensemble of Chicago Live at Mandel Hall 1972? Get it from the CKCU archives on this link:
i love you IMOO I
IMOO trio - live in studio performance - independent Canadian New
track # 4
Linsey Wellman - Ephemera - independent Canadian
i love you IMOO II
IMOO trio - live in studio performance - independent Canadian New
Grey area#5
Craig Pedersen - IMOO volume 2 solos - independent Canadian
Interactive CKCU
Sean Dowd
Great to hear the IMOO crew on Your Show Bernard. I am listening in Spain just about 5 hours after Your studio time. Best, Sean

7:17 AM, May 1st, 2014
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