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Rabble Without A Cause
Wednesday June 2nd, 2010 with Bernard Stepien
Peter Brötzmann Chicago tentet, 2004

Peter Brötzmann is the most radical European Free Jazz musician of the sixties. His first recording, Adolphe Sax, dates from 1966. Although European musicians were unknown in the US at that time, he immediatly received support from iconic American Free Jazz musicians such as Don Cherry and Lee Konitz. More recently, he associated with the new Chicago scene and started a long lasting collaboration with Ken Vandermark that conceptually is kind of at the opposite spectrum of Free Jazz compared to Brötzmann. Over the last 50 years he slowly but surely acquired the status of a founding father. Tonight we will have a look at his Chicago tentet project that explores the long lasting but difficult relationship between Jazz and poetry.
part 1
Peter Brötzmann - be music, night - jazzwerkstatt
part 2
Peter Brötzmann - be music, night - jazzwerkstatt