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Rabble Without A Cause
Wednesday May 19th, 2010 with Bernard Stepien
Satoko Fujii, 10 years earlier

Before this show, starting at 9 PM, you will hear recent recordings of Satoko Fujii with her husband in 2009 on In A Mellow Tone. This would be around the 29th CD that Satoko released since 1996. She is a very prolific player that combines the complexity and energy of Cecil Taylor's music with a more lyrical approach that could have come from Paul Bley, one of her teacher at Berkley twenty years ago. Tonight, we will sample her early trio setting from 1996 with two heavy weight, Mark Dresser and Jim Black that features a 34 minutes long piece.
toward to west
Satoko Fujii - toward to west - enja
shake up and down
Satoko Fujii - toward to west - enja
then i met you
Satoko Fujii - toward to west - enja