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In A Mellow Tone

In A Mellow Tone
Wednesday November 7th, 2012 with Ron Sweetman
Recent Jazz Releases

LISTEN BEFORE YOU BUY: Ron Sweetman plays recent jazz releases by saxophonists Coat Cooke, Tia Fuller, Jessica Jones, Donny McCaslin, Kirk MacDonald, Jimmy Mulidore, Eric Person, Shuffle Demons, Paul Von Kemenade, singers Laila Biali, Ranee Lee, Loren Halie, Kat Parra, Royal Southern Brotherhood, Carol Suboya, Uptown Vocal Jazz Quartet, and arrangers Mark Masters & Drew Paralic.
Descend To Barbados
Tia Fuller - Angelic Warrior - Mack Avenue
For Moody's Sake
Jimmy Mulidore - Jazz For the Ages - Mulidore
And Then There Was Light
Eric Person - Thoughts on God - Distinction
Gospodi Vozvach
Paul van Kemenade - Fugara - Buma Gema
Who Is In Love Here
Carol Suboya - Belezas - AAM
Is You Is Or Is You Ain't My Baby
Loren Halie - Stages - Justin Time
Night and Day
Laila Biali - Live In Concert - Biali Canadian
Oye Papi
Kat Parra - Las Aventuras de Pasion! - JazzMa
What A Little Moonlight Can Do
Ranee Lee - Deep Song - Justin Time Canadian
Talkin' Fish Instead
Pugs & Crows - Fantastic Pictures - Promo
Sketch #2
Jessica Jones/Mark Taylor - Live at the Freight - NewArtists
Donny McCaslin - Casting For Gravity - Greenleaf
Nowhere To Hide
Royal Southern Brotherhood - Royal Southern Brotherhood - Ruf
Java Junkie
Uptown Vocal Jazz Quartet - Hustlin' For A Gig - HouseKat
Checkin' In
Coat Cooke/Joe Poole - Conversations - Now Orchestra Canadian
Storm Eye
Coat Cooke/Rainer Wiens - High Wire - Now Orchestra Canadian
Sister Kim
Kirk MacDonald - Family Suite - Addo Canadian
Bottles and Cans
Shuffle Demons - Cluster Funk - Linus Canadian
Drew Paralic - Wintertime Tunes - Paralic
Rockin' In Rhythm
Mark Masters - Ellington Saxophone Encounters - Capri