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In A Mellow Tone
Wednesday August 9th, 2017 with Ron Steeds
Happy Birthday Jack DeJohnette!

Jack DeJohnette was born 75 years ago today on August 9, 1942. We play some of the great music he has created over his career so far!
We start with Jack's first recording as a leader playing...melodica. Then we round out the set with three renditions of Jack's composition Ahmad The Terrible from 1984, 1985 and 1987.
Jack DeJohnette - The DeJohnette Complex - Milestone
Ahmad the Terrible
Jack DeJohnette - The Jack DeJohnette Piano Album - Landmark
Ahmad the Terrible
Jack DeJohnette - Album Album - ECM
Ahmad the Terrible
Michel Portal - Men's Land - Label Bleu
Two versions of Jack's composition Bayou Fever by his band New Directions
Bayou Fever
Jack DeJohnette New Directions - New Directions - ECM
Bayou Fever
Jack DeJohnette New Directions - In Europe - ECM
Two examples of his band Special Edition
journey to the Twin Planet
Jack DeJohnette's Special Edition - Special Edition - ECM
Riff Raff
Jack DeJohnette's Special Edition - Tin Can Alley - ECM
Two examples of Jack's work with guitarist John Abercrombie
Abercrombie, DeJohnette, Holland - Gateway - ECM
John Abercrombie - Timeless - ECM
Jack as the go-to drummer for session work...
3/4 In The Afternoon
Kenny Wheeler - Deer Wan - ECM
Bill Connors - Of Mist And Melting - ECM
Jack as leader on one of his 90's recordings...
Welcome Blessing
Jack DeJohnette - Oneness - ECM
Interactive CKCU
Ron Steeds (host)
Happy Birthday Jack!

9:30 PM, August 9th, 2017