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In A Mellow Tone
Wednesday September 2nd, 2015 with Ron Steeds
Getting To Know You

Getting To Know You: the pieces of jazz that fed my love of the genre. This show is dedicated to Ron Sweetman.
Smog L.A.
Charles Mingus - Jazz Composers Workshop - Savoy
The Man I Love
Zoot Sims - Zoot! - Argo
Jump Monk
Charles Mingus - And Friends at Carnegie Hall - Columbia Sony
Mysterious Traveller
Weather Report - Mysterious Traveller - Columbia Sony
Bill Connors - Of MIst and Melting - ECM
3/4 in the Afternoon
Kenny Wheeler - Deer Wan - ECM
Seriously Deep
Eberhard Weber - Silent Feet - ECM
Blood Count
Stan Getz - Pure Getz - Concord
Across State Lines
Bobby Previte - Empty Suits - Gammavision
Evening Might Still
Myra Melford - Alive in the House of Saints - Hatology
Out of Ideas
Dave Binney - South - ACT
Document For Toshinori Kondo
Dennis Gonzalez's Spirit Meridian - Idle Wild - Clean Feed
Interactive CKCU
Ron Steeds (host)
Enjoy the tunes - this is my music!

9:26 PM, September 2nd, 2015
nice show Ron - thanks.

9:40 PM, September 2nd, 2015
Ron Steeds (host)
Thanks for the kind words, Bruce. A true compliment coming from you!

9:45 PM, September 2nd, 2015
Susan Galvin
Fantastic! What a heartfelt and genuine expression of your love of the genre....thanks for sharing Sue Galvin

5:55 PM, September 20th, 2015