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In A Mellow Tone

In A Mellow Tone
Wednesday December 17th, 2014 with Ron Sweetman

Charlie Apicella - Big Boss
Noel's Theme
Lenny Breau - La Bootleg 1984
Little Havana Blues
Albert Castiglia - Solid Ground
Stanley Clarke - Up
Broadway & Alma
Bill Coon - Triology
Spanish Fly
Michel Delville - The Wrong Object
Over You
Samantha Fish - Black Wind Howlin'
Come Rain Or Come Shine
Oliver Gannon - Easy Sailing
A Song with Melody & Harmony & Words & Rhythm
Mary Halvorson - 3X A Woman
An Andalusian Dog
Kalle Kalima - Bunuel De Jour
Song For Saba
Assaf Kehati - Naked
If You Want Me To
Raul Midon - Don't Hesitate
The Next Chapter
Noshir Mody - Stories From The Years Of Living Passionately
Sortie Ste Therese
Michel Morisette - Nothing Toulouse
Sleeping Rough
Kim Simmonds - Goin' To The Delta
Rotem Sivan - For Emotional Use Only
Just Another Word
Joanne Shaw Taylor - Songs From The Road
Minor March
John Webber - Down For The Count