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In A Mellow Tone

In A Mellow Tone
Wednesday December 10th, 2014 with Ron Sweetman
Mainly Brass

Klassik Estanzin
Thomas Gansch - Live @ Wiener Konz
Taxi Driver Blues
Henry Hung - Robot Invasion
60th & Broadway
Sean Jones - Improvise
We Are All One With the Moon & Planets
Rob Mazurek - The Space Between
Christian Pruvost - Tornado
Day Dream
Terrell Stafford - This Side of Strayhorn
The Bridge at Night
Allison Au - The Sky Was Pale Blue, Then Gray
Drama In Six Notes
Lindas Mockunas - The Sea in the Forest
What Me Worry
Duwan Muhammad - Preaching To The Choir
Genie Is Out
Tevet Sela - Lying Sun
llanto Del Indio
John Tchicai - Tribal Ghost
Ernie Watts - A Simple Truth
Cory Weeds - Let's Go
Make Up Your Mind
Kevin Cline - Make Up Your Mind
Peri's Scope
Pat Hall - Music of Bill Evans
Marda Loop
Jeff Presslaff - Complete Rebirth of the Cool