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Roots and Rhythms

Roots and Rhythms
Sunday September 1st, 2019 with Reptillian Renny
ALLIGATOR PARTY - 92 years, 17 tracks worth of music about alligators.

Alligator Blues
HELEN HUMES - Roots & Blues - Slide Guitar Bottles, Knives & Steel Vol. 2 - 1927 OKeh Records/2013 Sony Music
'Gator Wobble
MEMPHIS JUG BAND - Roots & Blues - Good Time Blues—Harmonicas, Kazoos, Washboards & Cow-Bells - 1934 OKeh Records/2013 Sony Music
Alligator Crawl
LOUIS ARMSTRONG & HIS HOT SEVENS - King Louis - The Hot Fives & Hot Sevens, Vol. 2 - 1927 OKeh Records/2005 Proper Records
'Gator Tail Part 1
COOTIE WILLIAMS & HIS ORCHESTRA - Blues, Boogie, And Bop: The Best Of The 1940s Mercury Sessions - 1949 Mercury Records/1995 Polygram Records
Gator's Groove
WILLIS JACKSON - Atlantic Rhythm & Blues: 1947-1974 - 1952/1985 Atlantic Records
Pee Wee (Call Of The Gators)
WILLIS JACKSON - Honkers & Bar Walkers Vol. 2 - 1950 Apollo Records/1992 Delmark Records
Alligator Wine
SCREAMIN' JAY HAWKINS - At Home With Screamin' Jay Hawkins. The Epic and Okeh Recordings - 1958 OKeh Records/2010 Hoodoo Records
Alligator Meat
JOE SWIFT - Wailin' Daddy-Swingin' An Echo: Blowin' Through The '40s - 1959 Exclusive Records/2011 Fantastic Voyage
See You Later, Alligator
BOBBY CHARLES - The Cosimo Matassa Story - 1955 Chess Records/2007 Proper Records
Alligator Man
THE METEORS - Monkey's Breath - 1985 Mad Pig Records/2014 Cherry Red Records
Alligator Come Across (Arlie Duff cover)
SIMON CHARDIET - Rockabilly From Rockaway! Vol. 3 - 2019 self released
Released & available on
Alligator Stomp (Rampages cover)
THE CRAMPS - Look Mom No Head! - 1991 Big Beat Records
Alligator Woman
DM BOB & THE DEFICITS - Bush Hog 'n Man - 1997 Crypt Records
Pay The Alligator
THE FLATLANDERS - Now Again - 2002 New West Records
Alligator's Grinning
THE BALHAM ALLIGATORS - Life In The Bus Lane - 1988 Special Delivery Records
Alligator Rag
THE MILLER BROTHERS - Boppin' Hillbilly Series - The Miller Brothers - 195? Starday Records/Collector Records
Interactive CKCU
This 'Gator show is the craziest theme yet on Roots! For all those suffering from reptile dysfunction.

8:09 PM, September 1st, 2019
Renny G (host)
Hey man, I'm feeling lower than a snakes belly, right now.

8:17 PM, September 1st, 2019
Thanks for being the musical navi-gator this hour.

8:33 PM, September 1st, 2019
Renny G (host)
Ooh....a bad pun while I'm nauseous. I hoope I don't puke on the board.

8:45 PM, September 1st, 2019
I will try not to be the insti-gator of your sickness.

8:46 PM, September 1st, 2019