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Roots and Rhythms

Roots and Rhythms
Wednesday March 7th, 2018 with Road Rash Renny
A TRIBUTE TO TRUCKERS: A caffeine fuelled tip o' the hat to Friday Nite Truck Stop. Tonight, both kinds of music: Country and Western (and a tad of Rockabilly and Cowpunk too). Songs by Commander Cody, Marty Stuart, Jason & The Scorchers and more.

Truck Driver's Blues
CLIFF BRUNER & HIS BOYS - Doughboys, Playboys And Cowboys: The Golden Years Of Western Swing - '39 Decca Records/ '99 Proper Records
Truck Drivin' Jack
LLOYD HOWELL & THE BRITE STARS - Country Hicks Vol. 4 & 5 - '67 Hi-Q Records/'97 Barklog Records
Trucker From Tennessee
LINK DAVIS - Rockabilly Gold Vol. 10 - '56 Starday Records/'96 Lucky Records
Truck Driver's Rock
PLANET ROCKERS - Coming In Person - '91 No Hit Records
Good Morning Mr. Trucker
WORLD FAMOUS BLUE JAYS - Rig Rock Jukebox - '90/'92 Diesel Only Records/First Warning Records/BMG
Diesel Only Theme (instrumental)
WORLD FAMOUS BLUE JAYS - Rig Rock Jukebox - '92 Diesel Only Records/First Warning Records/BMG
Truck Driving Romance
DANNY GATTON'S REDNECK JAZZ with EVAN JOHNS vocal - Redneck Jazz - '78/'91 NRG Records
Truck Drivin' Man
JIM & JESSE - Y'All Come: The Essential Jim & Jesse - '67 Epic Records/'98 Sony Music Entertainment Inc.
Truck Drivin' Man
JAMES LUTHER DICKINSON - Jungle Jim And The Voodoo Tiger - '06 Memphis International Records/MerLess Records
Hey Truckers
ANDRE WILLIAMS with the SADIES - Red Dirt - '99 Bloodshot Records Canadian
Whole Lotta Highway (With A Million Miles To Go)
MARTY STUART & HIS FABULOUS SUPERLATIVES - Way Out West - '17 Superlatone Records
Mama Hated Diesels
COMMANDER CODY & HIS LOST PLANET AIRMEN - Too Much Fun (originally on Hot Licks, Cold Steel & Truckers Favourites) - '72 Paramount Records/'90 MCA Records
Queen Of The Truckstop
COWSLINGERS - That's Truckin' - '95 Sympathy For The Records Industry
Truck Driver
SPLATTER - From Hell To Eternity - '94 Sector 2 Records
Drugstore Truck Drivin' Man
JASON & THE SCORCHERS - Clear Impetuous Morning - '96 Mammoth Records
97 Miles
GO TO BLAZES - Rig Rock Jukebox - '92 Diesel Only Records/First Warning Records/BMG
Rock & Roll Is....
WEBB WILDER - Promo - '89 Island Records
Outta Gear
PLANET ROCKERS - 26 Classic Tracks - '97 Spinout Records
Interactive CKCU
johnny b
as always excellent show.....please extend this show....i believe that you should have two hours instead of just one...peace

7:31 PM, March 7th, 2018
What a coincidence, I have my Keep on Truckin' shirt on!

8:06 PM, March 7th, 2018
Renny G (host)
Wow! Well fan my brow and raise my rent. Thanks for that johnny b!

8:07 PM, March 7th, 2018
Renny G (host)
Did you know that the "truck" was a dance in the Twenties?

8:08 PM, March 7th, 2018
Renny G (host)
Speaking of truckin' I made the mistake of joining the R.Crumb Appreciation page and I have been inundated with dirty cartoons.

8:10 PM, March 7th, 2018
There might not be "clean" R. Crumb cartoons.

8:12 PM, March 7th, 2018
Renny G (host)
He's got such goooood taste in music, though. Why do all these geniuses have to be whack jobs?

8:14 PM, March 7th, 2018
Renny G (host)
Of course you are the exception, Ian.

8:19 PM, March 7th, 2018
Ha! Thanks! Some might differ, though (on the genius part or the whacko part).

8:22 PM, March 7th, 2018
Ray Harris (Friday Nite Truck Stop)
Thanks for the tip of the truckers cap! ;)

10:39 PM, March 7th, 2018
Renny G (host)
Hey thanks to you and Lefty for playing all that amazing country music every Friday night.

11:20 PM, March 7th, 2018
Renny G (host)
Hey johnny b., are you the johnny b who went to Severn School?

11:35 PM, March 7th, 2018
no sorry....came out of montreal i did....and a long time ago to boot

4:45 PM, March 12th, 2018