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House of PainT Takeover!
Sunday August 22nd, 2021 with Various Hosts
House Of PainT takeover Day TWO

House of PainT Takeover Day TWO, (1-7PM this time), Lots to come, please tune it in!

Introduction and recap from HoP Executive Director and CKCU Program Director
Squerl Noir is a songwriter, rapper and beatmaker based in Ottawa. His uniqueness stems from his percussive rap that he mixes with different sounds, flirting with indie, alternative music and skateboard culture. Through his writing, he oscillates between delicacy and virulence, offering you roses between powerful punchlines.
He began by making his mark anonymously in Ottawa's open-mic scene. Making his name step by step, soon to be opening for Loud, Alaclair Ensemble, KNLO and Clay and Friends and more. Since then, Western-Canadian rapper, Shawn Jobin, took him on as his hype man and will allow Squerl to open for his fall tour in Winnipeg, Quebec, Montreal and Ottawa with artists like Sam Faye and D-Track, Taktika and Sans Pression.

Rick & Julie, hosts of "Indie City Madness" (Mondays at 5PM on CKCU) spoke with Squerl Noir last week, check it out....
Live studio session/set (39:19)
SQUERL NOIR - Canadian
***OG 5000 Virtual Poetry Slam*** (cont'd)

MayaSpoken is an award winning spoken word artist, singer-songwriter, author, activist, and speaker. At 23 years old, she has given her first Ted Talk and became the author of poetry novel Warriors in Broad Daylight. MayaSpoken is also the founder of Tell ‘Em Girl Women’s Spoken Word Showcase and Loud Black Girls, both platforms giving women the space to be themselves unapologetically. Recently in 2019 she released her first single ”Without You” and is now pursuing her Bachelors Degree as she challenges systems of racism and oppression within her community.
Kmbrly Snstrm (she/they) is a Queer, Motswana Canadian musician, singer-songwriter and producer based in Ottawa. Blending profound vocals with heartfelt lyrics, Kmbrly Snstrm’s music delves into topics that are reflections of her life. Constant themes in her songs range from race to family, feminism to queerness and the ways these multidimensional identities influence how we navigate the world. Kmbrly Snstrm writes about the world as they see it with an eloquent poetry and grace.

Erik Stolpmann talked to Kimberley on his program "Curiocity" (Mondays 10AM)
...but here's brief segment from it before their set....
Live studio session (29:00)
***OG 5000 Virtual Poetry Slam*** (cont'd)

Zineb Nour is a Concordia student majoring in English Literature. Most recently, Zineb self-published a poetry anthology titled "How to Outwit a Pack of Wolves". She was on the Urban Legends team that represented Ottawa at the Canadian Festival of Spoken Word in 2017. While she doesn't know how to swim, she has recently overcome that embarrassing feeling one has while wearing a bright orange life jacket. She is terrified of change. Zineb does not currently have any pets but when she was a small child she would ride her neighbour's dog like a horse. You can find more of Zineb's poetry on Instagram @bootlegpoetry.

Kaozara is a writer and poet from Leicester. Her poems explore themes such as femininity, race, religion, diaspora and immigration. She was the Highly Commended Poet for the 2015 Slambassador UK. Kaozara is also a Roundhouse Poetry Slam and Unislam finalist 2019 and has competed internationally in the US. She was a featured poet at the UKNA Leicester Festival
DJ set excerpt (part two - 19:35)
Exmiranda is a Rapper, Advocate, Entrepreneur, Curator, Cultural Connector and everything in between. Exmiranda is making waves throughout Toronto and beyond for their unique sound, creative insight and eclectic rap style. Check out their latest music and follow on Social Media to find out about their latest performances, projects curated shows and exhibitions!

Erik Stolpmann talked to Exmiranda on his program "Curiocity" (Mondays 10AM)
...but here's brief segment from it before their set....
Live studio session (32:45)
EXMIRANDA - Canadian
DJ set excerpt (part two - 19:35)
Jesse McDonald, better known by his stage name Jesse Dangerously, or The Halifax Rap Legend, is an alternative hip hop artist from Halifax, Nova Scotia and operating out of Ottawa, Ontario. Dangerously has released solo projects, provided guest vocals for other local artists, hosted a weekly radio show, written a weekly column, and produced beats for other musicians.

Joel Elliott (host of Monday Special Blend on CKCU) interviewed Jesse this week, check out what they talked about.....
Live studio session (36:37)
***OG 5000 Virtual Poetry Slam*** (cont'd)
DJ set # 3 (17:01)
Colossale a passé plusieurs années dansl’ombre en travaillant sans relâche sur laconcrétisation de sa musique. Ses textesempreints de sagesse et de vérité viendront percuter vos oreilles. Toujoursà la recherche d’originalité, l’artiste,touche à des sujets universels afin deréveiller les gens et leur permettre des’ouvrir sur un Nouveau Monderévolutionnaire.
Live studio set (31:28)
COLOSSALE - Canadian
***OG 5000 Virtual Poetry Slam*** (cont'd)
Lunafhy, also known as Prisca or Pri, is a French Caribbean Artist based in Montreal, Canada since 2017. She is a self-taught plural artist, DJ and Paper Artist. She started her journey in music, 20 years ago, as a Gospel singer in church and has been part of several Soul/New Jack and Gospel live bands.
OUTroduction ... thanks for being with us, hope you enjoyed the VIBES!!
Eyeda Sophia & Emperor Bohe - The Esplanade Canadian
Interactive CKCU
Dave Aardvark (host)
Welcome two day TWO y'all... what's UP?

1:30 PM, August 22nd, 2021
Squerl Noir et le nouveau D-Track... ssshhh don't tell David I said that

1:32 PM, August 22nd, 2021
I agree. Nice interview Rick and Julie

1:52 PM, August 22nd, 2021
thanks for tuning in alex!

1:59 PM, August 22nd, 2021
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1:59 PM, August 22nd, 2021
Awesome show this weekend, excellent performances from all of the artists, thanks CKCU & House Of PainT!

2:04 PM, August 22nd, 2021
Dylan P
Kimberley Sunstrum woooow!! You never fail to impress

2:08 PM, August 22nd, 2021
Hey Penny thanx for the encouragement and for tuning it in! :D

2:08 PM, August 22nd, 2021
Hi Dylan P! Thannx for tuning!

2:11 PM, August 22nd, 2021
zzzz naptime

2:22 PM, August 22nd, 2021
lol. well just make sure you keep tuned allthewhile and for when you rouse Sleepy!

2:28 PM, August 22nd, 2021
floyd r
Exmiranda great energy!

3:33 PM, August 22nd, 2021
Stephanie R
what happened to Swing Is In The Air?

3:43 PM, August 22nd, 2021
Dave Aardvark (host)
Swing will be back next week as per usual!

3:59 PM, August 22nd, 2021
thanks for checking it out lloyd!

4:00 PM, August 22nd, 2021
Exmiranda was so chill, cool!

4:40 PM, August 22nd, 2021
Indeed! Thanks for tuning Jenn

5:30 PM, August 22nd, 2021
Loved this series, thank you House of PainT!

6:28 PM, August 23rd, 2021