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This Is Nowhere
Monday June 7th, 2021 with Tariq Anwar & Jordan Craig
Episode 19 - Dr. Cindy Maddeau 2, Cognitive Behavioural Therapist

Back by popular demand, we have clinical psychologist Dr. Cindy Maddeaux on the program. She will be answering our questions about mental health during the pandemic, and transitioning into life post pandemic. We also cover lots of other interesting topics, as well as a new astounding Field Trip that will open your eyes to a new world of relaxation (possibly…). If you are struggling and need help or just someone to talk to please contact the Distress Centre of Ottawa: Distress: 613-238-3311 | Crisis: 613-722-6914 or 1-866-996-0991 | TEXT 343-306-5550 Chat & Text 10am-11pm For more information on the CBT resources please visit the following websites: Mind Beacon: AbilitiCBT:
Relaxin' At Camarillo
Charlie Parker - The Fabulous Bird - BNF Collection
Beastie Boys - Check Your Head - Capitol Records
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