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This Is Nowhere
Jordan & Tariq are two humans that explore the lives of other humans.
Hosted by: Tariq Anwar and Jordan Craig
Airs: Every Monday from 11:30 AM to 12:30 PM

An hour-long exploration into what it means to live as an artist. Join us as we have discussions with special guests from all walks of life. Musicians, painters, scientists and more, we aim to broaden the definition of the word "artist".

This Is Nowhere

Date Host Highlight On Demand
May. 3, 2021 Tariq Anwar & Jordan Craig Episode 14 - Shannon Craig, artist
Apr. 26, 2021 Tariq Anwar & Jordan Craig Episode 13 - Vintage Pens, Ink & Stationary with Scott Newman & Graeme Knight
Apr. 19, 2021 Tariq Anwar & Jordan Craig Episode 12 - Steve Marriner, Musician & Producer
Apr. 12, 2021 Tariq Anwar & Jordan Craig Episode 11 - Jordan & Tariq Talk About Stuff 2
Apr. 5, 2021 Tariq Anwar & Jordan Craig Episode 10 - Songwriter/​Musician Merival
Mar. 29, 2021 Tariq Anwar & Jordan Craig Episode 9 - Clark Masters, Free-Lance Video Editor

Tune in to This Is Nowhere with Tariq & Jordan each week as we bring you interviews with special guests, music, Jordy's Field Trip and more!


We are now equipped with a real mail reception device! Want us to talk on-air about your objects of curiousity? Send us your demo cassettes, old books, electronics or whatever weird stuff you might want us to have to:

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