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Grab The Guide
Thursday April 22nd, 2021 with TwoKat
【Lvl+】Study Playlist #2!

❕ Achievement Unlocked: Get To Work (Again!) ❕ Welcome back to another episode of "Grab the Guide!" This week we're giving you ANOTHER hours worth of majorly uninterrupted music to help you through your study sessions and finals! Thank you for the comments on the last playlist, I'm glad you all enjoyed! So once again, grab whatever you need for your study session and let's get started! ▶️ PRESS START!
A Father for a Daughter
Gustavo Santaolalla & Mac Quayle - The Last of Us Part II OST
The Sea of Thieves
Robin Beanland - Sea of Thieves OST
Frozen Altars
Stewart Copeland - Spyro: Year of the Dragon
Fertile Plains
DaMeAte, 윤상 - ArcheAge (OST)
Carnillian Rising
Michael Manning - Runescape (OST)
Galdin Quay
Yoko Shimomura - Final Fantasy XV Original Soundtrack
Kara (Main Theme)
Philip Sheppard - Detroit: Become Human Original Soundtrack (Disc 2 - Kara Soundtrack)
Coconut Mall
Ryo Nagamatsu - Mario Kart Wii Soundtrack
From Past to Present
Jeremy Soule - The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim (OST)
Jodie's Suite
Lorne Balfe - Beyond Two Souls (Official Soundtrack)
Nimiah's Alibi
Chase Bethea - Deity Quest Original Soundtrack
Kate's Theme
Kevin Manthei - Nancy Drew: The Silent Spy (Game Soundtrack from Game Files)
DJ Sona (Ethereal)
Nosaj Thing x Pretty Lights - League of Legends (DJ Sona)
Andreas Waldetoft - Europa Universalis IV Soundtrack
Austin Wintory - Journey
Threshold (played during speaking breaks)
Austin Wintory - Journey
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This will focus on a new video game and everything surrounding it!

EXAMPLES: Final Fantasy XV, Nancy Drew Games


This will be a focus on a specific character and both music connected to them from their games and music inspired by them!

EXAMPLES: Yuna (FFX), Yoyo Yoko (Ehrgeiz)


This will be a focus on a specific composer and games that they have composed for!

EXAMPLES: Chase Bethea, Yoko Shimomura


This will be for #throwbackthursday with a focus on vintage, classic and nostalgic games!

EXAMPLES: Brand New Quest, Tekken 3


This will be for a random special event or take-over including guest hosts, special playlists and more!

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Interactive CKCU
Great playlist! Helped me get through studying for my exams! :)

12:28 PM, April 23rd, 2021
It's funny how subliminal even gaming music can be. While working, I started thinking about Skyrim for no apparent reason until I later checked your playlist. There's nothing special about the music piece that made it stand out and I have no clue where it plays in the game (I'm guessing it's generic background music), but my brain somehow recognized it as a cue to play Skyrim. (too bad I couldn't). It's amazing the impact that even gaming music can have!

11:31 AM, May 3rd, 2021
Taliya Keshavjee (host)
@Hnaska I completely agree! It's amazing how gaming music stays with you. I've noticed myself knowing all the lyrics to many songs in Far Cry 5 just simply from having the radio on while driving around the map. I didn't even know I knew them but they snuck in there - it's fascinating!

11:28 PM, June 16th, 2021