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Grab The Guide
Thursday February 25th, 2021 with TwoKat
【Lvl+】TwoKat's Birthday Mega Mashup

~ Achievement Unlocked: Party Hat ~ Welcome back to another episode of "Grab the Guide!" This week I celebrate turning 22 this past Monday by playing 22 of my all time favourite video game songs (in no particular order because I could barely choose 22 as it is, let alone rank them :D) I also force my friends and family to share messages about their favourite games on air and am quite delighted that they agreed. Come hang out with me for a mega birthday episode of "Grab the Guide!"
KUON: Memories of Waves and Light
Noriko Matsueda, Takahito Eguchi - Final Fantasy X Original Soundtrack (Remastered HD)
Sweden (Calm 3)
C418 - Minecraft Soundtrack
The Last of Us
Gustavo Santaolalla - The Last of Us
Jodie's Suite
Lorne Balfe - Beyond Two Souls (Official Soundtrack)
Thomas Regin - Nancy Drew: Music for Mysteries – The Silent Spy
Thomas Regin - Nancy Drew: Music for Mysteries – The Silent Spy
~ Achievement Unlocked: Introducing Namira! ~

My sister Namira tells us about one of her favourite games: Skyrim!
Nate's Theme 3.0
Greg Edmonson - Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception (Original Soundtrack)
Made Me This Way
Seraphine, Chris Zane, Sophia Alexa, Jonathan Visger & Kosuke Kasza - Made Me This Way (Single from League of Legends)
Coyle Girelli, J-Hope, Lee Hyun, RM, Bang Si-hyuk - BTS WORLD: Original Soundtrack
~ Achievement Unlocked: Fun Facts! ~

Did you know one of my favourite characters, Ignis Scientia from Final Fantasy XV is also 22? I'm also one year older than Lara Croft now!
*Be The Girl
Aslyn - Be The Girl (On Album "Lemon Love" and Featured in Bratz Rock Angelz)
*Taiga - Forest Theme
Chase Bethea - Deity Quest Original Soundtrack
*Coconut Mall
Ryo Nagamatsu - Mario Kart Wii Soundtrack
Yasunori Matsuda - Final Fantasy XV Original Soundtrack (Volume 2 [1/2])
Naoshi Mizuta - Final Fantasy XV Original Soundtrack (Volume 2 [1/2])
Keiichi Okabe - Final Fantasy XV Original Soundtrack (Volume 2 [1/2])
~ Achievement Unlocked: Introducing Brodie! ~

My friend Brodie tells us about one of his favourite games: Legendary!
*Crazy He Calls Me
Carl Sigman & Bob Russell - Crazy He Calls Me (Featured on Fallout 4's Diamond City Radio)
Vagrant Song (Deep South)
Ryan Ike - Where the Water Tastes Like Wine (Original Game Soundtrack)
Keep Your Rifle By Your Side (Reinterpretation)
Hammock - Far Cry 5 Presents: We Will Rise Again (OST)
*Good Riddance
Darren Korb - Hades Original Soundtrack
*Kara Main Theme
Philip Sheppard - Detroit: Become Human Original Soundtrack (Disc 2 - Kara Soundtrack)
*I Was Born For This
Austin Wintory - Journey
Somnus (Instrumental)
Yoko Shimomura - Final Fantasy XV Original Soundtrack
*not played live during Grab The Guide
Interactive CKCU
Taliya Keshavjee (host)
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12:01 AM, February 10th, 2021
Taliya Keshavjee (host)
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2:08 PM, February 18th, 2021
Duncan Spencer (host)
Cool show! Video game OST's are always great. Golden Sun (GBA) and Diddy's Kong Quest (SNES) are a couple of my favourites at the moment

2:00 PM, February 25th, 2021
Taliya Keshavjee (host)
@Duncan Spencer thank you so much!! I love the Diddy's Kong Quest soundtrack, there's something special about that sound :D I'll have to check out Golden Sun!

3:33 PM, February 25th, 2021
Excellent playlist as always! I hope that you had an amazing birthday! :)

10:08 PM, March 2nd, 2021
Taliya Keshavjee (host)
@N thank you so so much!!!!

10:09 PM, March 2nd, 2021