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Chance Meeting
Friday September 29th, 2023 with Heavy Ben
추석을 기념하는 현대국악 Modern Korean music to celebrate Chuseok

Chance meeting on an autumn evening of a drink and a tiger Chuseok is the Korean harvest festival or "autumn evening". Chuseok is the biggest traditional holiday in South Korea, where people visit their hometowns to pay respect to the spirits of their ancestors and share a feast of Korean traditional food. This includes ancestor memorial services at home, and visiting graves to tidy the grounds. Chuseok is a three day festival, celebrated on the 15th day of the 8th month of the lunar calendar on the full moon. We have a full moon today in Ottawa, and it is the Harvest Moon. I am taking this opportunity to play exclusively Korean music for three programs on CKCU this week. Korean Jazz on In A Mellow Tone Modern Korean music on Chance Meeting 1960s, 70s and 80s Rock, Funk and Pop from Korea on Heavy Friends Fun video for eundohee's "Ah Ha Ha" Beatball records in Seoul, South Korea (to embiggen the show icon, right-click and choose "Open image in new tab")
디스토피아 (Dystopia)
나이트 템포 (Night Tempo) - 夜韻 Night Tempo - Future 1980 - 2019
춤 (Dance)
소음발광 (Soumbalgwang) - 기쁨, 꽃 (Happiness, Flower) - Poclanos - 2021
안​드​로​메​다 (Andromeda)
무키무키만만수 (Mukimukimanmansu) - 2012 - Superstars - 2012
올림 (Ollim / Sincerely)
텡거 (Tengger (10)) - Segye - Cardinal Fuzz - 2019 (rec. 2016)
매력의 법률 (Law Of Attraction (삶))
한국 도시 산 (Korea Town Acid) - 변형 (Metamorphosis) - Urbnet - 2021 Canadian
노자 노자 (NOZA NOZA)
악단광칠 (ADG7 (Ak Dan Gwang Chil)) - 2nd <Such is Life> - (self-released) - 2020
히위고 나우 (Hiwigo Now)
기린 (Kirin) - 그대여 이제 (Baby Now) - Superstars - 2011
나와 같이 춤​추​자 (Come Dance With Me)
곱창전골 (Ghopchangchonghol) - 의 역사 곱창전골 (History Of The Kopchangjeongol) - Cobrarose - 2015
불타는 공 (Burning Ball)
머스탱스 (The Mustangs) - 산성 여행 (Acid Trip) - Superstars - 2008
천국은 나의것 (Heaven Is Mine)
디​구​루​(​dguru) (orig. 혜은이 Hyeuni / Hye Eun Yi) - 진​심​을 그​대​에​게 (With All My Heart): the most vivid side of ‘70s Korean Pop & Rock - Beatball - 2018 (orig. 1982)
다​시​는 이​원​열​과 마​시​지 않​겠​어 (I Will Never Drink With Lee Won-yeol Again)
바비빌 (Bobbyville) - 3M의 남자들 (The Men of The 3M) - Bongrass - 2005
크래쉬데이 (Crashday)
충돌 (Crash) - 동물의 모범 (The Paragon of Animals) - CJ Music - 2010
범 내려온다 (Tiger Is Coming)
이날치 (Leenalchi) - 수궁가 (Sugungga) - Zanpar - 2020
마시고 있어요 (Drink I’m Sippin On)
예지 (Yaeji) - EP 1​+​2 - (self-released) - 2022 (orig. 2017)
새벽이슬 (Saebyeok Iseul)
준혁 (June Hyeok) - 여명 (Yeomyeong) - - 2019
아하하 (Ah Ha Ha)
은도희 (eundohee (Dohee Eun)) - 쿠카부라 (Kookaburra) - Beeline Records - 2023
End of the hour for the FM broadcast. These seven tracks are heard "on demand" via the archives (click LISTEN NOW at the top left).
음주운전 (Drunk Driving)
밤신사 (BamShinSa) - 실화를 바탕으로 (Based On A True Story) - Superstar Records - 2015
우 (Woo)
영다이 (Yeong Die) - 피자 (PIZZAPI) - (self-released) - 2018
하얀방 (White Room)
공중도 (Mid-Air Thief) aka 공중도덕 (Public Morality) - 공중도덕 (Gongjoong Doduk) - Mirrorball - 2015
쿠앙 프로그램 (Kuang Program) - 너 아니면 나 (You Or Me) - (self-released) - 2013
슬​픔​과 방황 (Sadness And Wandering)
플레이걸 (Playgirl) - 24시간 플레이걸 (24 Hours of the Playgirl) - Beatball - 2009
연기를 타고 (Ride In Smoke)
김병덕 (Kim Byoung Duk) - Experiment No. X - Daehan Electronics - 2018
저녁 한때 목​장​풍​경 (Ranch Scenery In The Evening)
김명길과 펑카프릭 & 부슷다 (Kim Myungkil & Funkafric Booster) - 사​랑​한​다​면 (If You Love) - Beatball - 2021 (rec. 2010)
Interactive CKCU
Ben Armstrong (host)
Wassup? Happy Harvest Moon!

3:12 PM, September 29th, 2023
추석 잘 보내세요!

3:13 PM, September 29th, 2023
Bobby Calzone
Wow ! This really cool, man! Bravo for showcasing it!

3:19 PM, September 29th, 2023
Ben Armstrong (host)
Happy Chuseok, Liz!

3:33 PM, September 29th, 2023
Ben Armstrong (host)
Hey Bobby, thanks for checking out the show and commenting

3:33 PM, September 29th, 2023
cool show Heavy Ben, thanks for all you curate for CKCU, we are very lucky!

3:38 PM, September 29th, 2023
Ben Armstrong (host)
Candace, appreciate the kind words. Have fun on Candy Shop.

3:48 PM, September 29th, 2023
Streaming after the fact on our drive back to Montreal. Enjoying the diverse and interesting selections!

1:42 PM, October 2nd, 2023
Korean country music... I cannot believe it! Awesome.

2:40 PM, October 4th, 2023